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Home Opener 9/16



I absolutely love this time of year, After enjoying a tailgate feast at 14 West with family and friends made way to Lucas Oil to take my missed seat and watch our men in Blue take the field. First I'm not a fan of the replacement refs clearly they need to go through training but it is what it is, calls good or bad are going to happen for us or against us.

Congrats Luck you showed us that you are moblie and thankfully you made the moves needed to avoid being sacked. O-line for the love of all that is holy, BLOCKING is the number one thing you learn in football.....could be important to use it, I know getting kinks out and getting use to building a team relationship with most being new to the Colts. Defense the first half and most of the 2nd you were on point, holding Vikings to 2 field goals can't complain. All in all Great job, excited to watch the team grow and get the job done. Go Colts All Day Every Day No Matter Who We Play!

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