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Colts vs Vikings




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  1. 1. Will Luck do better this Sunday vs the Vikings

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The Colts take on the Jaguars this week with teams both standing at 0-1. Luck threw for over 300 yards on Sunday but also threw three picks and completing only 51% of his passes. Luck can rebound this week over the Jaguars easily. All great QBs don't start out perfect. Manning had the same type of numbers as Luck in his debut in 1998 against the Dophins. Unitas, the greatest quarteback the Colts ever had, started his career on his first pass with a pick six. Look at the career he had after that. The other quarterback, Christian Ponder , is coming off a close overtime win against the Jaguars. He was 20 for 27, 270 yards, and completed 74.1% of his passes. He also has Adrian Peterson to hand off to who is coming off an inhury but had 84 yards on the ground and two rushing touchdowns. The Dwight Freeney injury is a concern if he can't play. They need all the help they can get to stop Petereson. I think the Colts could come away with a win in this one if they can pull their defense together and get a good offensive line. I know they got Trai Essex on Monday but that's not going to be enough for Donald Brown.

Players to Watch - Colts


It is a given that he's on the "Players to Watch" list. Luck threw for over 300 yards last week but had a fumble and three interceptions. Part of the problem is the offensive line. They need to protect him so he is not running for his life every down. Luck had a rough day against one of the league's best defenses. He can rebound this week and next week and can go into the bye week with a 2-1 record.


Brown had 9 rushes for 48 yards and a touchdown against the Bears. Even though he had a 5.3 yards-per-carry average. He need to pick up more yards to get a win this Sunday. Trai Essex will be an important part of Brown succeeding this goal. for 48 yards and a touchdown against the Bears. Even though he had a 5.3 yards-per-carry average. He need to pick up more yards to get a win this Sunday. Trai Essex will be an important part of Brown succeeding this goal.


A very good idea to trade for this player. Davis is the Colts' best cornerback besides Powers. Davis needs to perform better this week than last week even though they were hesistant at first to the receiver he was covering. He has respect for his playing ability. That is one thing the Colts need for their defense that they haven't gotten, respect.

Players to Watch - Vikings


Peterson is one of the best Runningbacks in the NFL. Even though he had an injury last year, he is back to form and played great against the Jaguars. Peterson can be better if Freeney can't play Sunday. Without Freeney against the Bears, the defense fell apart. He is vital to their stopping of Peterson. If he's not there, expect a 100-yard game for Peterson.


It is important that Kalil plays well to help Peterson. Kalil was rated the best offensive lineman in the draft and was taken 4th overall. He is a great player that will help the Vikings for years to come. Standing at 6'7'', he is a tall lineman that can stop the Indianapolis pass and rush attack. He will be an interseting player to watch Sunday.


Robinson was one of the fastest players taken in the draft with a 4.29 40 time. He was drafted in the third round and was regarded as one of the best corners in the draft despite him being picked in Round 3. We will go up against the Colts slot reciever Avery if Collie starts this week. If Collie is inactive, He will most likely go up against Brazill. He will be a key player for the Vikings to win Sunday.


1. Utilize the rookie tight ends Allen, Fleener, and even Jones

2. Protect Andrew Luck

3. Stop Adrian Peterson's rushing attack


1. Use your new players (Carlson, Robinson, Wright, Kalil)

2. Stop Andrew Luck

3. Give Adrian Peterson the ball


The Colts are the better team even though they aren't even the old Colts anymore. The Vikings started off good againts a former 5-11 team. The Vikings will put up a good fight but Indy wins 28-21.

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