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matgrif won the Andrew Luck autographed hat in the Caption This! Contest




Congratulations to the winner of the Caption This Contest! matgrif won the Andrew Luck autographed hat for this caption:

"I didn't know Pro Football required TPS Reports"

There were lots and lots of great captions. The following were in the final cut and win either a Colts Community Calendar or an Andrew Luck draft poster. (first come first serve). I will message the winners individually and ask for shipping name and address.


Name Caption
Dan When they said they hoped I'd draw more season ticket holders, I didn't think they meant like this.
Mona Miller Dear Colts Fans, Do you like me? Yes:______ or No:_____ : ) Andrew
ColtsUrUs Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours!
John Campbell How to build a monster: by Andrew Luck. Chapter One: Draft me.
pappy_t Good thing I have a photographic memory. Someone erased all my plays! This time, I'll use ink.
Brandon Kicmal

Note to self:

Rookies have to write there own name in the record books. Good thing my hands are COLTSTRONG!

Mustang82 Hello, It's day 12...They are still keeping me chained to this table. I asked why they were doing it and they said that for now the "monster" has to be contained. There is little to do here in this room and it's even worse with it not having windows, wait! I think I hear them coming...(Shhh) I've got to go. Will wright you soon... Andrew
Indyswagger Dear NFL defenses. I am sorry for what I am about to do to you. I thought it only fair to warn you. Yours truly, Andy P.S. You can call me Mr. Luck
colts 101 An architectural degree from Stanford and I choose a job where I have to work on Sundays. Hmmm.

Winners will be notified via personal message here on the Colts Forum. Winners are responsible for replying to the message with their name, address, and phone number so that their prize can be shipped to them.


The drawing for 2 tickets to Jaguars @ Colts is open.

Show us what COLTSTRONG looks like! Post to the We Are Coltstrong Gallery

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