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Make our day? Or, the good, bad, and, ugly.....



As the Preseason goes in the books, here's where our COLTS stand:

Praise for Luck: 94.5 % of the polls show #12 more likely to be successful than that guy in all those commercials. More wins as a rookie. The average is 6.

Surprise team for 2012, deemed as talented , and, frustrating.

Light on the defense, with Zibi, and, Bethea very busy.

In the very UGLY rankings, COLTS pass the Rams, but, are still nippin the heels of the Black and Silver coming in at #28.

The bigger in Texas thinkers say " Houston's got the wrap". Big dreamers must live in Houston, and, Dallas.....

Open the stadium doors and let them COLTS run in 2012, never know where they may end up. Sure gonna be a good race......


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