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Winning and Losing



blog-0597870001351587297.jpgThe Colts won last night, and I noticed that we didn't do terrible this preseason.. 2-2 isn't bad at all considering it's all a giant practice, competition being to make it on the team or to move up a string. I am truly excited to see how the Colts do this year in the regular season. It's very possible that Luck takes us all the way, like Big Ben style, first year and what not. The odds are against it, however. We are rebuilding. I think the main goal should be having a season better than .500 forget winning the division, playoffs, and Superbowl. If they start losing and get caught up in making it into the playoff picture it will only add more stress to the young team. Focus on winning some games. We have the whole future to win Superbowls.

Good LUCK12 Colts

Yell Scream Go Horse


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