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A Change of Guard



blog-0469585001351587332.jpgWe had a nice long ride with the great ol' Peyton Manning.. I was sad to see him go but realized that missing that first game in 2010 must have hurt Manning.. He would need a change if and when he returned. I waited for months to see the draft, the whole year was bent on getting that first round pick.. Would we have been better with the number two pick, with RG3? It is too late now.. We have drafted Andrew Luck, there has been a change of guard. It's a new year, a new coaching staff, a new team. I am proud to have Luck with us, may the best team be left standing in the end.

Good LUCK12 Colts

Yell Scream Go Horse

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We did have a great ride with Manning and shocking/sad to have him leave.

RGIII looks great. Your right, time will tell.

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