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Painfully Obvious



I'm tired of hearing all these so-called "experts" explaining why the Colts must draft Luck and either cut or trade Manning. I don't disagree Luck looks like a sure thing. He's got the build, the arm, the vision, the smarts you want in a QB at the next level, but he's not the saviour of the Colts organization. He can't cover a receiver, he can't shoot the gap and stuff a 3rd and 1, and he can't rush the edge and create a sack-fumble. I don't care how good he is, until the Colts defense can get off the field he won't get a chance to showcase any of his freakish talents. Opposing teams know this, AFC South teams know this all too well... there's a reason why Arian Foster, Maurice Jones-Drew and Chris Johnson were drafted specifically by these teams. You CAN'T beat Peyton defensively, but you can beat Peyton's defense. If the Colts want what's best for them now AND in the future, they MUST build a better defense! I'm not advocating a switch to a 3-4 scheme, although that might not be a bad idea. I'm merely suggesting instead of drafting Wayne's replacement, or a replacement for Satuday, Clark, or Gonzales, they should be looking to draft a compliment for Powers and Bethea, or adding solid backups for Freeney, Mathis, Nevis...

Last year, with Peyton under center, the offense averaged 27.2 points a game. If the offense this year produced those numbers, they would have won more than 2 games, likely they would have won 11 and made the playoffs. That sounds great when you think about it, the problem is you can't score those points when the defense can't get off the field. The Colts owe it to Manning, and especially their fans to trade that pick, use the draft to build a solid defense and give Peyton a legitimate shot at another title or two before he retires as a Colt! If they build a solid defense, not only will that help in the now, it'll help in the future when Peyton turns the offense over to a rookie.


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