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  1. Pep Hamilton HAS to go, the offensive line SUCKS, the plays called should account for that, I see Luck holding on to the ball waaaaay too long, and that gives the defense time to come after him. Colts have too much talent to be dominated in all three phases of the game AT HOME NO LESS!!!
  2. Obviously you want your TEAM to win Championships every year. Obviously the Pats have done a better job at that than the Colts the past decade. I would trade the consecutive 12 win seasons, and the record for most REGULAR season wins for a decade, to have 3 more trips to the Super Bowl, and 2 more Championships. Anyone who says differently is lying to themselves. That said, I also agree with you in that the change the Colts need, is to build a better TEAM. I agree Peyton is the G.O.A.T. but Marino was pretty great in his day, and what did that do for the Dolphins? Fran Tarkenton and Phil
  3. I'm tired of hearing all these so-called "experts" explaining why the Colts must draft Luck and either cut or trade Manning. I don't disagree Luck looks like a sure thing. He's got the build, the arm, the vision, the smarts you want in a QB at the next level, but he's not the saviour of the Colts organization. He can't cover a receiver, he can't shoot the gap and stuff a 3rd and 1, and he can't rush the edge and create a sack-fumble. I don't care how good he is, until the Colts defense can get off the field he won't get a chance to showcase any of his freakish talents. Opposing teams know
  4. tired of reading all the speculation out there. just give me the facts!

  5. Orlovsky is the only backup that's ever won a game for the Colts in the Manning era. My wish for the Colts going forward is to build their defense up to where they can win with a journeyman (like Orlovsky) or a rookie (when Peyton retires) under center. You CAN'T replace a Peyton, but you CAN build a better defense so you don't NEED another Peyton. The Ravens won with Dilfer, the Colts defense can't win without Peyton. That's where my focus would be.
  6. A GM's job is to put talent on the field, coaches on the sideline and Lombardi's in the trophey case. That said, I don't see the need for a lengthy rebuilding process here. I see Peyton back next year at 100%, and I see him playing at a high level the next 3-4 years. I would NOT draft his backup this year, I would cut Painter and Collins and keep Orlovsky. I don't see Caldwell as a Super Bowl coach. He's a little too conservative, and when you're playing for keeps, he keeps disappointing. I would interview Fisher and Gruden, both have expressed the desire to coach Manning, and both seeme
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