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Work in Progress!

David Dunbar


Been enjoying reading recent entries,an feel ya all, but the New era will be a progression that can't be rushed. Instead done with great planning, and thats what i see taking place. Very encouraging about this team.Hopefully this era will a Team thats focused and very successful!

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Yes, when you consider all the turnover that this team has undergone from a scheme, player, and coaching staff perspective from last season until now it is nice to see that the arrow is finally pointing up David. Patience is the key.

We will rise again like a phoenix amid the smoldering ashes of doubt. The Blue Horseshoe will dominate our division again within 3 years...Good things come to those who wait patiently and never ever give up hope. Our day of resurgence is coming.

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Have faith my friends, everything is going to be alright!! I don't believe that being 2-0 to start the season is far fetched!

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