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The COLTS are a H-----



Real deal, dominator, inexplicable, one of the most NFL ready QB'S ever. Why Andrew even made the top 50 list : The Top 50 players in the NFL to build your Franchise around: coming in at #7 ( Lucky number, just sayin). Hey, remember, the Pre-season does'nt count. The Pre-season a time to smile , ( I know I am). I remember just a few short months ago that 48 hour's I could'nt speak because of that #18 thing. Oh by the way, 2 INTS in the first half, no worries PM, remember, pre-season.... I sure am enjoying myself. Go ahead Vick Ballard, make Donald Brown work for those catches, Reggie Wayne, go ahead with your 6 grabs in the first half. Why, Jerry Hughes even put his big -boy pants on!!! What we have is is not a new look, it's a HYBRID.... I for one am sure looking forward to the Clash of the Rookies on 8/25. Luck and that guy who's doing all those commercials ...


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