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If I Were The Colts Gm



If I were the Colts GM First of all, I would know the real status of Peyton. If Peyton is coming back then I would keep Peyton and Orlovsky, and either take the first pick and then trade for more picks, or just outright trade the first pick before it is made. I feel if Peyton plays and Orlovsky is under his leadership then we have a good situation at QB. This is where the extra picks come into play. The Colts have always been good at getting talent that others do not always see, and making them awesome players. We need to make this our rebuilding year. I hate to see some of the veterans go, but we need to look for the future and make more Super Bowl teams.

If Peyton is not ready to play then we need to get a quality QB that is proven and still do the same as above. I also feel when Peyton is unable to play, that he would make a great addition the the Coaching staff or Management.

I have seen a season like this before, and it is how we got Peyton, and I know the Colts Nation will rise again!


Recommended Comments

1. Fire Caldwell. He has demonstrated was a POOR head coach in college, and he is a POOR head coach at this level. The players are motivated, of that there is no doubt, but his game preparation, adjustment, and decision making are POOR.

2. Do what you are doing with Manning. March 8 is key date for decision making with regard to his status. If healthy, pay him, play him. If not, have a sit down with him and talk no-nonsense about his future in football.

3. Take Luck, depending on Manning's health. Then either train behind Peyton, play if Peyton not healthy, or trade for a kings ransom.

4. Make EVERY EFFORT to keep the core of players that have brought us this far. Wayne, Mathis for example.

5. New front office has to get invlolved as quickly as possible. Final decision is, of course, yours. Wise counsel is always considered.

6. Assistant Coaches will, of course, want to be selected by new Head Coach. Our current DC is an upgrade over Coyer, but there may be bettter. New staff will need to help in that regard.

BIGugly will be happy to counsel these decisions...;-)

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If I were the GM my first priority would be to keep Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis. They are among the best in the league at their positions and it would make no sense to me to try to rebuild without them.

I don't know if it is possible to know whetehr Peyton will be healthy again. That makes it very difficult to decide what to do with the number 1 pick. If he will not Andrew Luck seems to be the right choice. If another team is willing to give up a ton, as Ditka was to get Ricky Williams for a pick I would trade it and have that much more opportuity to rebuild our lines and defensive backfield.

I have no idea whether Jim Cladwell is the best coach available. To fire him because we suffered a "perfect storm" in 2011 would be a foolish knee jerk reaction. Jim Irsay is the most succcessful owner in any sport over teh past 15 years and will know which way to proceed.

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