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Who does this guy think he is?



Doesn't it seem plausible that the insane media mixed with the fanatical/crazy fans have taken the Andrew Luck Phenomena to truly unreachable heights that the subject (Mr.Luck) seemingly ignores. Is he really this impervious to the constant comparisons to #18 or the man only known as RGIII?

Can he happily search through his $2.00 flip phone looking for the number of the Jimmy Johns in Anderson he had deliver to his AU dorm room last night oblivious to the fact that the city of Indianapolis will crumble to its knees if he does not exceed the lofty expectations?

Apparently the answer is yes. In fact he almost seems relived to just have to play football and not worry about architecture at Stanford. Ugh, I mean really does this guy not get it? The fate of the free world hinges on this guys TD to INT ratio!

I think he understands (unlike the most of us) that he will be OK his first year but he will make mistakes. Some of those mistakes will inevitably cost the Colts some chances at wins but he will be learning. He understands that the a trip to Hawaii, though not impossible, is highly unlikely. He understands how we all love him now but might not love him come week 9. Even better he understands that he will hear this a lot "Peyton would have not thrown that ball".

Cu-dos to you Mr. Luck for not letting us get to you. Maybe you go home every night and crawl into the fetal position and cry yourself to sleep...but I doubt it. Keep plugging away at the play book and developing your timing. Let us all scramble around you analyzing every practice throw and every hand off. Let us worry about how well you command the huddle and if you are smart enough to make the right reads.

Hey, we are fans...it's our job.

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There will be a lot of "Peyton would have not thrown that ball".

Because Peyton couldn`t throw that ball. He AVERAGED 20 INTs for his 1st 5 Years. Uh, that sucked!

Luck is at a different level ABOVE where Manning was as a Rookie.

Peyton spent YEARS playing Nervous in the pocket. We will see about Andrew.

There are always issues about being on the same page with your Receivers (think Manning to Porter in SB), but I won`t be worrying about any aspect of Andrews game. Andrew is refined Already compared to his peers.

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