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A COLTS fan is what?



Training camp time once again, anticipation, dedication, and, the dream of a great season! The fans have been lined up in Denver since 5 am, just to catch a glimpse of " You know Who". The Jets are puttin on extra security for the " Mob expected to land". The Pac is back, with a multitude of diehards, expected to exceed over 100,000 for the practice activities. And then there's the COLTS fans. They say we're loyal, but, bitter.... I look forward to the massive march that will envelope Anderson in show of that " SPIRIT" that is special, that only we share. COLTS , we are not part-time, but, ALLTIME!!!

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As much as I respect Peyton,he made his move and you must respect him for it.Now its time if you are a Colts fan to fully suport the time that is going to build a new dynasty here in Indiana.Hope its better than the last and they will need are full support so enjoy it and I believe that its going to be very enjoyable!!

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