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If I Were Gm... Peyton Is My Manning!



Peyton Manning isn't going anywhere. The media love the idea of Peyton being traded or released as a "story", but it's a non-story because it's not going to happen. If Peyton can still play, he'll be a Colt. If he can't play, he'll retire, and gradually move into a role with the Colts as a consultant or QB coach, moving him toward being an Offensive Coordinator eventually, and maybe Head Coaching down the road if he wants to go that route. But he isn't getting released or traded. Jim Irsay is an owner who knows and understands his fan base.And he knows that Peyton Manning IS the Colts for fans here... and as GM, I'll keep it that way. People talk about Peyton Manning like he's part of their family, and if the Colts dumped him they would see a fan revolt like no other, and Irsay, my boss, knows it. Irsay wants Manning to retire a Colt, and what's more, Peyton wants that too. If any blockbuster trade is going to happen, it will be Luck or the #1 pick that gets traded, but don't even expect that. Expect me to draft Luck, keep Manning, and gradually transition younger across the board. But Peyton will go out when PEYTON wants to go out.... and on his terms. He, single handedly, has given us a Super Bowl, a new Stadium, and over ten years of excellence, fun, and excitement in Indiana... even bringing a Super Bowl to the City, indirectly (by all the accomplishments to make the Colts great, getting the new stadium, and so on). So, Peyton will be thought of number one... it is my turn as GM to be loyal to him, as he has been so loyal to us. He even gave us ways to get rid of him if we needed to... he INSISTED that be part of the contract.... something that could only hurt him, and help us. So we will return the favor. The cost of him has been FAR LESS than the value he has brought. So, we'll keep Peyton... even if that means trading Luck at some point (Let's say Peyton wants to play five more years... or more!), because he has always been so insightful on the field and will continue to be. If we can groom Luck, we will do so. If not, we will use him to build more around Peyton. But the key is this: If we want to keep our fans, keep our season ticket holders, and keep the last ten years special in our hearts forever --- we will stay with Peyton as long as he will let us and stay with us.

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This was a great post!! You are right; Manning is a member of our community families. And we will keep him as long as he wants to stay!!!

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I think they should fire Caldwell, and put Peyton in as couch now. He would do a much better job and I think his playing days are over due to a potential neck injury, which is sad for me because he made the game of football an art to watch. Either way tho I love Peyton and don't want to see him go.

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I think when Peyton does decide to retire, there will be broadcast journalism opportunities for him. The man has presence and he's funny

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