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The Drafts



It has come to full light that the indianapolis colts ( who I adore) are doing the right thing in the football world. We are setting our new main man up with weapons to succeed in this next level. I'm not sure about the fact that we didn't draft heavier on defense the first year out, but I truly do understand the mindset of where we're headed in the near future. Last season's draft was clearly to protect the quarterback, which we truly didn't have. This year clearly was offensive minded, and I'm almost willing to bet on that next year will be sold on nothing but studly defenders. I'm truly looking forward to finally seeing a hard hitting defense on the field next season. not just a wrap up and gang tackle type defense. And I hope next year we can start seeing that mindset in our defense. I'm fully "all in" when it comes to luck being the next best thing... and we all know what i mean by that. And also "all in" when it comes to giving our man some weapons, and do feel like we did a great draft this year. It was hard for me to see Upshaw not get picked, or Janoris Jenkins not get picked, but at the same time, i do understand... I get it. we're the colts, and we do it right.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself by saying this, But lets just assume that we are gonna be as bad as the media says we are next season. (which I don't agree with) This will really set us up for trading down as the rams did this year, and getting us some stud defenders, and hopefully someone else also that falls to us... Give us some D from the SEC. thats my new slogan!! I'm looking to load up big time, and really give some teams some heck the next two years. Heck, we might not be winning any super bowls the next few seasons, but we can spoil someone elses party if we try hard enough. So let's all embrace the change, and support our new gm, and coach. Lets believe that they do know what is best. And hope to god if we play the broncos we kick them right in the behind... Because we will not bow down. Until next time everyone... enjoy.

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Great post.

One thing is for sure..........nobody knows what to expect from the Colts this season.

I'm fine with that.

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Yeah I agree good post. I really think if it is executed right and everyone gives their best, we can make a decent run our first year with all the new players and staff. I can actually see us having an upper hand for a a little while, since no one knows what to expect yet. As long as Luck adapts quickly and doesn't have the rookie jitters than I see us at least winning a decent amount of games.

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Considering we have the look of an expansion Team, for the sake of rebuilding it would be JUST AWFUL if the Colts win more than 3 games. AWFUL!

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