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A look at the rookies




1/18-Ryan Kelly-C-6'4"-311-Alabama-5.0

#1 rated C by Mike Mayock-NFL.com-CBS

3 yr. starter

Remington and Jacob award winner

USA Today All-american




highest rating: #2 (Fox sports)  average rating: #6

former WR

2nd fastest DB in draft

Possible CB

raw, with great size/speed ratio


3/82- Le'Raven Clark-T-6'6-316-Texas Tech-5.0

highest rating: #4 (NFL.com)   average rating: #7

longest arms in the draft: 36"

4 year starter (1RT-3 LT)

All big 12 (3 years)

has major upside-Pro bowl potential


4/116-Hassan Ridgeway-DT-6'3-320-Texas-5.0

highest rating: #8 (NFL.com)  average rating:12


2 year starter

likely 1st rounder if he played another season


4/125-Antonio Morrison-ILB-6'1-235-Florida-4.7

highest rating: #5 (Pro football draft guide)   average rating: #10

possible OLB

100+ tackles Jr. and Sr. season

3 year starter

2 time team captain

All SEC (Jr)


5/155-Joe Haeg-T-6'6-307-North Dakota St.-5.1

highest rating: #8 (Fox sports)   average rating: #12

former TE

2 time All-American

4 year National champ.

4 year starter (2 LT-2 RT)

raw, with Pro bowl potential


7/239-Trevor Bates-LB-6'2-245-Maine

highest rating: #19 ( NFL.com)   average rating: #42


7/248-Austin Blythe-C-6'2-298-Iowa-5.3

highest rating: #5 (NFL.com)   average rating: #10

4 year starter


3 time wrestling champ.


summary: lineman don't make a draft look overly sexy, but we all know that;s where the games are won (or lost). Kelly is a big time anchor in the critical middle of the O-line and should be Pro Bowl caliber, sooner, than later. Green is raw,but has the measurables to be a force. Clark and Ridgeway are big time talents that could could easily be viewed as having first round grades. Morrison is an undersized,yet productive enforcer type. Haeg has the makings of a good prospect,  will need to get acclimated to the NFL-coming from a small college. Bates also comes from a school, that doesn't produce NFL talent, has what it takes physically. Blythe should be a compentent depth type player and comes from a program with a long history of quality NFL O-lineman. Very solid draft, filling the biggest need area ( for many years), as a whole, many of the players are gambles, who may develope into decent players and may not develope, at all. Plenty of potential and looks good on paper, time will tell. 





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