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A look ahead-Offense



Luck will be back as prob one the richest players in the NFL and I don't think to much needs to be made from this performance this year, other than he has learned the hard way....slide. Hasselbeck and Whitehurst are free agents. I think the time has come to move on from Hasselbeck and look for a younger backup. Freeman and Lindley played ok, Freeman has had some really quality years as a starting NFL QB. Morris is more of a down the road option. Freeman would be a nice backup, unless there are some more consistent options available, if he could regain the form he had before, that would be a great scenario. Lindley seems like he would be an adequate backup.
Draft: not a need area

RB: Gore-Herron-Varga-Williams-Bradshaw
Gore finished the season just shy of another 1,000 yd season and looked good. Herron has played well when given reps. Herron and Bradshaw are free agents. Varga looked good in limited reps and could develop into a very capable backup. Williams showed speed and burst, also in limited reps and would be a nice change of pace option. Bradshaw will always be an insurance plan, familiar with the system and a nice option, for the several games, he can stay healthy
Draft: at some point, a replacement for Gore will need to be drafted, no need to look that far down the road this year. Not a major need area

TE: Fleener-Allen-Doyle-Swoope.
Fleener, Allen and Doyle are free agents. Fleener has played very well, although this year the TE's as a group were not utilized much, he has improved as a blocker and does have the occasional dropsies, but is a matchup nightmare. Allen has never lived up to his potential and has trouble staying on the field, he has the skill set to one of the better all around TE's in the league-if utilized and is on the field. Doyle is a nice backup and is very versatile. Swoope has the measurables to be very good , but lacks experience.
Draft: Don't really think both Fleener and Allen will be brought back, maybe neither. If one of them returns, this will not be a need area.

WR: Hilton-Moncreif-Dorsett-Johnson-Whalen-Bray
Hilton had a very good year, but did not put up the elite numbers that were expected. Moncrief had a really good year and should continue to elevate his game. Dorsett didn't play much but  has the skill set to be a major factor. Johnson wasn't much of a factor and is not likely to return. Whalen looked really good down the stretch and Bray excelled as a returner. The inconsistent offense really affected this group, it was expected to be one of the strengths of the team and should be, next year.
Draft: not a need area

OL: Castonzo-Mewhort-Harrison-Thortan-Reitz-Good-Holmes-Louis
Castonzo is a good LT, but had a down year. Mewhort has gotten better each year and is going to be a very good player at LG.Reitz filled in ok at RT and the Colts seem to be high on Good, who played late in the year. Neither Harrison or Holmes appear to be the answer at C and at RG, Thortan is adequate. Louis is a free agent and not likely to return.
Draft: this has been an ongoing weak link on the team and is priority #1 in this years draft. Would like to see Castonzo moved to RT at some point. But there are too many other pressing holes to address that this year. It's really to early to tell if Good is the answer at
RT. There HAS to be upgrades at C and RG and possibly RT.


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