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Incompetent & Dishonest?



Grigson must be fired. If Luck's ribs are broken it is mostly because he is operating behind an inferior O-linedespite the obvious need to upgrade it in the draft or free agency. Instead we got another wide receiver in the draft and Herreman in free agency, neither of whom addresses that need. To compound matters, Luck is playing
hurt, ? Because Grigson knows his name is all over this team, and he is trying to save his neck. In one year,
he transformed this team into the OLDEST team in the NFL. With the possible exception of Gore, his free agent
signings will be out of football in a year or two, so much for building for the future. And then of course the most bizarre first round draft picks T-RIch & Bjorn Werner??????

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Thank you so much for bringing this point to the forefront. Grigson and Pagano own it to the fans to disclose the truth about Andrew. To have so much pressure on Andrew where he feels that he has to play to put fans in the seats instead of winning games. Grigson is the only that needs to leave. Andrew success is definitely linked to the offense line. Once they played better so did Andrew. 

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