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It's Not To Understand, It's Hard to Fix



In just three short years we went from one of the youngest teams, with some potential, to THE OLDEST TEAM IN THE NFL !!!! In the last year alone, we
went from a team that went one step further to a team that is in serious regression. Why? Because we replaced that group of players with a bunch of
over the hill, cap-$ sucking, dinosaurs who have not improved on what we had last year. Add to that the fact that our last three number one draft
choices were all wrong-headed for what this team needed. So it's not hard to understand why we are watching a team with such high expectations,
(according to the Grigson/Pagano analysis) implode. How to fix it? Grigson, Pagano and his entire staff have to go. Otherwise, we all know what the
definition of insanity is, keep doing what you're doing hoping for a different result. I realize this is dramatic in scope, but with the right people
managing the team and the right GM bringing in the needed talent, maybe when Luck turns 30 we might field a competitive team around him while his best
years are still out there.


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