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Meanwhile, Bruce Arians is 2-0 with a mix of Drew Stanton and Carson Palmer...

Rui Baptista


So now they've gone from terrible starts to terrible endings. Blaming the officiating is a sorry excuse from a team that was 14 points up in the second half. Also, except for the lack of pass rushing abilities, this one cannot be pinned on Grigson's bad personnel decisions.

This one falls entirely on the coaching staff. Let's face it, the Colts have terrible defensive and offensive coordinators. It's not just the overall philosophy that isn't working, the actual play calling is terrible. Everyone can beat crappy coaches like Kubiak or Andy Reid. Seeing the Colts go against New england or Philadelphia is like seeing a someone with a learning disorder go against Kasparov in a chess match.

Manuski and Pep Hamilton need to go at the end of the season. Pagano, to be honest, needs to be made responsible. If you have a philosophy you want to uphold - even one that is past its sell-by date and terribly misjudged given your personnel and franchise quarterback - you need to have the staff to put it in place. Grigson paid above market price for personnel nobody else wanted because they supposedly fit Pagano's system and philosophy. If they are not working out, it must be because of poor coaching.

Andrew Luck is all you can ever want in a franchise quarterback. That includes being loyal, professional, and taking responsibility for his mistakes and those of his team mates. But he shouldn't take responsibility for the mistakes of the coaching staff. He needs to speak out and say where he would like to see this team going in strategic terms, because it has been going nowhere since Bruce Arians left. Arizona is 2-0 with a mix of Drew Stanton and Carson Palmer... He hates the West Coast offense and the power running game. He won a superbowl as offensive coordinator. He went 9-3 as head coach of the Colts with a horrible roster and won coach of the year. Hint hint...


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