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A look at the roster (DB/special teams)



DB: Going into the year, this group was viewed as maybe one of the better units in the league...did not materialize. Davis is a shut down-pro bowl caliber player,on paper, but that doesn't always seem to show up, each week, Toler is an above average CB, who missed alot of games, I really like Butler and Vaughn and Gordy add quality depth. Bethea had another very good season, Landry was supposed to be a difference maker, but I didn't see much of that, other than a few games, he really wasn't much of a factor, Brown is one of the better coverage players in the league and Howell, looked good, before getting hurt

* Cornerback will always be a need area, despite how many good or great players you have, I think the group we have is very good, it would be great to see the 2012-pro bowl caliber Landry show up, there is no depth at safety. Davis, Vaughn,Brown,Bethea and Gordy are free agents, Davis will be a priority, Bethea should be, but he is in his 30's? DB's are hard to come by, the rest will be brought back at the right price, depth at safety is a need area

ST: Adam had another great year, but like Bethea, at some point, his age and contract will make them expendable, probably not this time around, McAfee is still one of the better punters, but hasn't raised his level into the Pro bowl level, everyone expected. Overton made the Pro bowl. The coverage units were good, the return game, much like the O-line has been an ongoing and unsolved problem area, Adam and McAfee are both free agents

* I expect both kickers to be back

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I really agree with you on your saying on our defensive backs from this year. They were one of the best that the Colts had in awhile but we still had problems with stopping a lot of play. Davis is great cornerback and I hope we resign him. He has had some penalities called on him but some of these were bull crap ones. I wish Toler was totally healthy cause when he is, he makes our defense better. I also like Butler. He was a great add on from last year and has gotten better. Landry made some good hits and roughed up the opposing offense. I see Bethea having another good season next year.

I wonder season after season, how long will we keep Vinatieri? He is still a great kicker and hope keeps making those points for us, and McAfee is in my mind one of the best punters. I always think it’s funny that one of the jerseys we have at pro shop is the punter’s jersey. I’m hoping as well that both will be back as well.

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