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Celebrate Today, But Remove The Rose-Colored Glasses Tomorrow.

Brandon Moser


Although I still have an ear-to-ear smile from last night, a 28-point comeback shouldn't be necessary. We continue to rely on luck and Luck to pull us out of 2-3 quarters of dismal football. All year! Everyone praises a comeback, but never asks the question why comebacks are even necessary.

I'm not sold on Pagano yet - he only had one year of DC experience before HC. GREAT guy - but may be over his head. If Chuck's primary talent is a passionate motivator, he fails for almost 3 quarters consistently. I watched Arians outcoach Pagano in person here in AZ. Pep is a bit too west coast - that relies on increased offensive plays to score - we don't have the roster to do that - Donald Brown and TY are the only assets that Luck can trust from a consistency standpoint.

I don't think Pagano's philosophy and Grigson's personnel decisions are synching yet. The only time the offense works is desperation hurry-up when we have to vary from Pep's west coast.

As for Grigson, I love his aggressiveness but don't trust his scouting ability. Vontae was a good trade, but he had the luxury of years of NFL game tape.

Luck? Yes, but Griggs can't get credit for a no-brainer.

Werner? Nope

Richardson? Like a nice pair of designer jeans that don't fit.

DHB? A telephone pole can catch passes better than DHB. And we all KNEW that before he arrived.

Griggs is on shaky ground and his only hope is to lure some REAL free-agents here next year.

Sure, winning a playoff game here and there is fun, but we did that for over a decade prior. We need to build a Super Bowl team, not a playoff team. Lets enjoy an epic win, but lets not forget that this team has massive glaring flaws and will not be a serious contender until we address the serious issues with the coaching staff and front office.

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Does Grigson get any credit in your analysis for the positive personnel moves he has made? I'm thinking that many of the very small contract players acquired by Grigson are deserving of praise (Freeman, McNary, Rogers, Doyle, Whalen, Studebaker, Butler, Lynch, Overton, Hickman, Howell, Herron, Saunders). Role players all (except Freeman) but guys that have contributed significantly to our success the last 2 seasons. All these moves were for discarded players or players that never made a 53? There is a enormous churn for every teams bottom 1/3 to 1/2 of the roster and isn't that where a savvy GM makes a difference?.


I get that you are obviously unable to give him credit for what you call no brainer picks like the sturdy and talented luck rather than the fragile and talented RG3, even though there were a chorus of voices prior to the pick and after exclaiming how much better RG3 was than Luck but hasn't that already been proven false?

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