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So Long Peyto Manning

Georgianna Hullinger


Rober Irsay is nothing short of a fool for releasing Peyton.What will most likely happen is several dissmal years of trying to find a quarterbackthat can develope a good rapor with the rest if the team .Probably loss of a fan base, loss of revinue through tickety sales,merchandise.he should have at least kept him for another year to break in a new quarterback.I will always be a colts fan but Robert Irsay lost all respect i had for him.I say good luck to the colts in the next few years but i am not going to hold my breath hoping for a good season.

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CLARIFICATION: Jim (not Robert) is the owner of the team. Robert passed away in the '90s. Robert was the one who made the decision to move the team to Indy.

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