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The Day Polian Pulled The First String.



Two years ago when the Colts were playing the Jets, Polain pulled the first stringers. You could read it on the players faces, they wanted to play. Yes we were locked into the playoffs but it was like being told to quit and the players seemed to reflect that. We all know how we as fans felt about the decision. And it looks as if our perception to be angery was right. Yes we did have to play the Jets again and we also lost the Super Bowl. I personally felt that the decision was a very very bad one. But that game and the consequential after effects showed more than Polians bad judgment it also showed where we stood without Peyton. I will ALWAYS remember that game and Polian for letting that happen. Those players were cheated and we as fans were cheated as well. I will not forget it! Let's hope that this new begining will never be as angering as that one game was.

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I was at that game and I too was heartbroken to see Polian make the decision to pull the starters. (Additionally heartbroken because we got in a wreck on the drive home). Not every NFL fan can remember who won the Super Bowl every year, but 99% of fans can tell you the 1972 Dolphins were the only team to go undefeated EVER. That's one of the records that should always try to be reached.

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