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SNF To Have Highest Ratings over Broncos-Colts!



This could be up there in the Sunday Night Football as Peyton returns since 2013 to Indianapolis. As he and the Broncos go against the Colts. It should be a heck of a game.And don't want to give the score out here.This is about a classy guy who is still missed and has really has nothing but awesome things to say about the Colts and Indy. Showing you he is a class act all the way. Regardless of what is going on! He is missed still! But also glad that he is such a classy guy!

This will rank up there in Sunday Night Football top five ratings of all time in football games. If not #1 IMHO! Can't wait for Sunday! Can you all?!


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Think I'm going to tape this one and see what happened Monday?? My hearts giving out already and their not even playing yet.. Ughhhhhh 

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