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Is it me or does this offense drive you nuts, 3rd and 3 and you pass the ball. T-Rich is not performing (YET) but he can get you 3 yards. I am just really upset with some of the play calling, 4th and 2 and we punt with 3 minutes and some change......If we can't get 2 yards just pack it up and go home! The offense line sucked, drop balls sucked, 3rd down sucked penalties suck......This is needs fixed asap!!!!!!! Luckily the bye will give us sometime to get the team healthy and some practices in, I seen to many back-ups in and guys we signed last week in the game today. Denver seems like a long shot this weekend.............. The rate we are going we will have less rushing yards (rushing offensive scheme) and way less passing yards than last year. Pretty sure if you spread the defense out it does help your running game. Peps offense is starting to look like a very simple Stanford playbook, Gruden even mentioned that the offense was very predictable. Missing Bruce Arians right now

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