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Defense the Menace v.s. Mr. Wilson



blog-0602836001380597927.jpgFirst off congrats to the Colts D for only allowing 3 points, on the road, in Jacksonville! With that being said, in the last 2 games, the Defense has only allowed 10 points, ON THE ROAD! 7 in San Fran and 3 in Jacksonville. That is a stat that is going unnoticed and being looked over because of so much media attention on offense, which is just fine in my opinion. May our Colts Defense continue to be silent killers as the offense shreds the field! But let us not forget the old saying, "Defense wins championships!" When our defense is healthy, the Colts are just as good and even better than the teams that get all the media glory and shouldn't. But being a fan since 2005 Ive always noticed that the injury bug bites the Colts defense the most. So after watching our rivals the Texans square off against the Seahawks, I saw the Texans defense put on a clinic while the offense threw the game away, literally. Not downing the Texans camp, but I just think the Colts D is better considering what we did last year against the Texans and not having all the pieces that we have this year. The Texans are a physical and strong defense, with Wyatt up front, Brian Cushing running the LBs, and Ed Reed leading the secondary, true, but I still think the Colts have a better front D-line, solid LBs, and a smart secondary. But once again, the Injury Bug started bitting early in the season on our defense. Regardless of who is able to play, if the Colts defense just plays more physical than the Seahawks, we will break there streak. Russell Wilson is a smart poise quarterback and it will be a challenge for our defense, no doubt. But when you get physical with the Seahawks and take the run game away from Marshawn Lynch, you begin to see the their weaknesses exposed. Bottom line is this, the defense has to be a menace against Wilson. They have to annoy him, make him uncomfortable, and take away his game. The defense has to be like what Dennis the Menace was to Mr. Wilson, A pure pest!! Colts Defense the Menace and Mr. Wilson 10/6/13
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Agree. 'Butt' in my porky opinion Landry is huge buzz-kill. Landry was a mistake and his physique is meaningless if he can't stay healthy. Irsay should sue him and kick him off the team. I am very disappointed w/ these muscle heads that twist an ankle? Perhaps he went overboard gaining upper body mass when he has female ankles. All open-minded comments welcome. 

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