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  1. Colts defense has to be on point against Belichick and Brady Offense. Stop the run game and put up points and we're going to the Conference Championship to play whoever!!! Now is the #timetoshine for young stars especially on special teams! #Coltstrong #GoBlue
  2. First off congrats to the Colts D for only allowing 3 points, on the road, in Jacksonville! With that being said, in the last 2 games, the Defense has only allowed 10 points, ON THE ROAD! 7 in San Fran and 3 in Jacksonville. That is a stat that is going unnoticed and being looked over because of so much media attention on offense, which is just fine in my opinion. May our Colts Defense continue to be silent killers as the offense shreds the field! But let us not forget the old saying, "Defense wins championships!" When our defense is healthy, the Colts are just as good and even better than the
  3. The injury bug always bites in sports period. We definitely have our share of injuries and this what happens especially in this sport, guys go down early not being able to show the league and the fans what they can fully do. All in all, this is a perfect storm for the Colts to execute on all ends in a divisional football game. This is the first divisional match up for a NEW team, to show the Division And the league what time it is! Don't forget about the Defense either, because right now their solid as a mountain with that D-line. Ooh but when Landry heals from the injury bug ladies and gents,
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