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Why Do Superbowl Mvp Honors Often Go To The Wrong Player?



Initially, I posted this blog on Colts Direct. I transferred it here in order to encourage further debate by spreading access to this conversation to a much wider audience. A variety of diverse opinions is always welcomed here. Thank you.

Sunday, February 5, 2012, saw the New York Giants defeat the New England Patriots 21-17.

Confetti falls, the Lombardi Trophy is handed over to the best NFL franchise of the calendar year, & the Most Valuable Player [MVP] award is determined, handed out, & a shiny new vehicle is given to this lucky athlete. If most football experts, TV analysts, & loyal football fans believe that defense truly wins Championships, why are no defensive players ever named MVP in a Superbowl?

In Sunday's night's Superbowl, I honestly believe that New York Giants Defensive End Justin Tuck easily earned MVP honors. A 1st quarter safety of "Tom Terrific" [ Excuse me, while I roll my eyes in utter disbelief over quarterback Tom Brady's unwarranted God like field general NFL status.] Not to mention a number of crucial 2nd half sacks of #12. Or better yet, give MVP honors out to the GMEN'S RELENTLESS FRONT 4 PASS RUSH AS AN ENTIRE UNIT. Defensive players have to contend with so many ludicrous referee calls revolving around roughing the passer penalties, jamming receivers too close to the line of scrimmage, holding penalties, an illegal chopping block, horse collar penalties, pass interference penalties, and face mask penalties....Don't even get me starting on the foolish Brady Tuck Rule okay....Tom YOU FUMBLED THE BALL & THE RAIDERS SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE SUPERBOWL IN 2000. No incomplete pass nonsense.

When was the last time a zebra threw the yellow flag on a wide receiver for offensive pass interference? It's rare & virtually non-existent. How come a running back can lead with their helmet against a linebacker but if the linebacker, safety, or corner does the same thing they get fined heavily for it? You get paid to hit, tackle, smash, & destroy any offensive player holding the ball, but in a fraction of a second if you hit them in the wrong spot your team loses crucial field position, you get fined, & you might even face game suspenion [sic]. The amount of these fines is usually astronomical & way out of line in most cases too. Defensive players are just trying to earn a living & provide for their families. Here's their occupational job description: They tackle, hit, wrap up, & swing the gauntlet of pain, misery, speed, & chaotic anarchy on the field of play everytime they buckle their chinstrap.

Give the defense some respect okay. The new CBA restricts the number of practices conducted in full pads with full live contact. The quarterback is always wearing a red jersey meaning he can never get hit. How can you simulate sack drills on a stationary dummy on the field in practice & expect to perform well during game day on a movable target? How often do tight ends & wide receivers go directly for a linebacker's or defensive end's knees because that's the only way they can stop or slow them down? A defense player gets a flag for barely touching a receiver, but they can blow out a knee by targeting that area directly & no zebra even cares? Are you kidding me?!!

Hall of Fame player Deacon Jones would probably be permanently banned from the league today if he was still in his prime & he attempted to head slap a quarterback or offensive linemen in a contemporary football game. Penalty flags would be flying like crazy over a concussion inducing, violent move like that. My how the league has changed & sometimes unfortunately, not for the better either.

It is time to show superb defensive players some MVP Superbowl respect, admiration, & love. It is long overdue...Justin Tuck is a defensive beast & he is the unsung hero of the last Lucas Oil Stadium Superbowl not Eli Manning. Tip the hat to the real NFL men in the trenches not pampered quarterbacks but the real grunts sweating it out on every single solitary play when the lights are the brightest of all.


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If Justin Tuck was guarded by Matt Light for the majority of the game, it would have been JPP putting up monster stats. That being said, Manning made some nice plays in the Superbowl and had a better overall performance than any singular player on the defense or offense. And I do not agree with giving an MVP to a whole defensive line because 1) that defeats the purpose of MVP and 2) Brady was fairly comfortable the whole game. Even the Pats fans admit to the Giants D-line being neutralized by the Pats O-line for a large part.

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I will agree cokomenow that Tom Brady did not receive the same pass rush pressure under Justin Tuck & Michael Strahan that he did in 2007 during their perfect regular season. However, Justin Tuck's 1st quarter safety of over rated golden boy Tommy Terrific set the tone for the entire game on Superbowl Sunday.

Jason Pierre Paul could have easily been given the MVP Trophy as well. Sorry Eli Manning did not deserve this prestigious MVP award. No way. No how.

If Eli had been thrown around in the Superbowl like a beat up rag doll like he was against the 49ers yes give Eli the MVP, but not against the Patriots. Justin Tuck or J.P.P. wins MVP hands down in my book.

Who are you kidding man? Seriously, it's no contest here.

Even though we may politely disagree on which player should have been named MVP, I do value your perspective cokomenow. Thank you.

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