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  1. Kyle Kalis

    A UDFA who was kinda thrown into the lineup, has held his own decently well. He had a poor game against the Steelers but otherwise didn't look too bad. Do you think after a whole off-season he could be a decent starter? I certainty think he has potential.
  2. This season is one to forget
  3. Below are all the grades for each colts defensive starter. Now PFF grades can be skewed because of things like big performances in small snap counts, for example Rashaan Melvin's 2INT game vs. CLE shot his grade way up,so take these numbers with a a grain of salt Front 7 -Al Woods 80.9 (#29 DI) -Johnathan Hankins 82.2 (#26 DI) -Henry Anderson 79.0 (#44 DI) -John Simon 77.8 (#43 ED) -Jabaal Sheard 82.9 (#17 ED) -Antonio Morrison 34.8 (#75 LB) -Jon Bostic 37.3 (#71 LB) -Average Grade 67.8 -Average Rank 43 DB -Rashaan Melvin 86.4 (#13 CB) -Vontae Davis 44.4 (#96 CB) -Matthias Farley 72.3 (#44 S) -Darius Butler 42.4 (#73 S) -Before Injury Malik Hooker had a grade of 77.3 and ranked #34 -Average Grade 61.3 -Average Rank 56 -Last year our highest graded defender was Edwin jackson with a grade of 61.6 -7 of this years defenders are graded higher than 61.6, Before Malik Hooker's injury that number was 8 I really think this goes to show how bad our coaching is. Now these grades aren't 100% accurate but they should give a good idea. I think Chris Ballard has supplied the good players but he just needs to match them with good coaching.
  4. I’d be more than happy to trade him for a OL and maybe even give up a late round pick
  5. This is one guy I’m kinda on the fence on re-signing. At LG he looked to be one of the leagues better guards and I thought he would have a big year in 2017, but they moved him to RG and his play has been pretty iffy. If we plan to keep him at RG should we re-sign him and see if he can learn and develop in the position or should we not re-sign and go draft/FA? I think we should resign him and move him back to LG where he looked a lot better and adress the RG position thru the draft because there’s are not that many quality FA guards.
  6. Run Defense

    Liked what i saw from Jonathan Hankins he had a tackle for loss, and I believe he was playing on limited snaps
  7. Week 2 who impressed

    TJ green looked very solid and promising, I cant believe that was his first game playing CB
  8. Stephen Morris

    Being the first QB this season to throw a TD I think that alone should tell you why he should get reps with the 1's
  9. Ryan Kelly will miss part of season

    First of all we need to be thankful that Kelly will be RETURNING this season missing 3-4 games is Much better than the whole season Secondly- Zuttah and Schwene are 2 experienced NFL linemen that know what they are doing and really aren't much of a downgrade from Kelly. Third- Just because we lost our starting center doesn't mean were going to lose to the browns or anything crazy, yes i do realize how important Kelly is to the growth of the O-Line but we are going to get thru this just fine and before you know it he will be back Think happy
  10. Colts Training Camp 8/1/17 (Pads are ON)

    has anybody seen or heard how Mewhort is doing at RG?
  11. All these NFL analysts think this is the year the titans will finally beat us. But their chances of beating us have just dwindled. We beat them twice last year with a 30th ranked defense. So why would anyone think they are going to beat us this year
  12. Colts select Tarell Basham, Edge, Ohio

    I've heard several teams had a first round grade on him. great steal.
  13. Our Defense

    I think the new idea of the defense is like the falcons, not a whole lot of big names but young and very quick.
  14. Colts Sign Margus Hunt 2 year deal

    pretty sure it was a signing for competition/depth