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  1. It must be the state of Indiana because this forum is the best in the NFL and Pacersdigest is the best NBA team forum by a mile also Sent from my SM-N920V *
  2. Jennifer Aniston Mila Kunis Hayden Panettiere Scarlett Johansson Jessica Alba Sent from my SM-N920V *
  3. Might be the first time I've ever cheered for a Bengals win tonight, after the Colts beat the Raiders Sent from my SM-N920V *
  4. Bring him and his dad Sent from my SM-N920V *
  5. "Either of you got Tarik Glenn's cell phone number? "
  6. First post on a GameDay thread this year. If (when) we win I will officially be the Colts good luck charm. Your welcome in advance... GO COLTS! Sent from my SM-N920V *

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