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  1. Brissett is a decent backup QB (look around - he’s perhaps the very best backup QB available given he knows Colts system and can step right in) - and any team with playoff aspirations needs two capable QB in case starter is injured (for a few plays or longer). Having one would leave us exposed. Trading Brissett for a draft pick is shortsighted. He would command very little in return and whatever we would get would be a draft pick in the future.
  2. It used to be common for a QB to sit a year or longer before taking the helm - maybe it’ll work here, and in a year or two, he’ll be polished and ready. If so (big if I realize), we’re set!
  3. I don’t have to open the link to know he still has no class.
  4. To move up, we’d have likely lost a pick in this year’s draft for QB who will not take a snap next season. We only have seven picks - and now six with one being basically idle is a high price. Colts can compete at a high level, and drafting players who can plug holes and contribute Season One is more important than a possible (possible) down the road QB solution.
  5. Maybe you carry a FB as a camp body for defense to practice against; maybe with expanded roster (which I don’t know when comes into effect) you actually keep one on the roster and to help protect Rivers.
  6. He's wayyyyy too small for NT
  7. Not my money but his contract in Chicago seems reasonable. Perhaps his ill advised holdout a year ago soured management.
  8. It's early. Johnny Manziel is still a Brown. Relax.
  9. I saw the photo - him in a hospital looking post op.
  10. You are correct Indeee regarding mimicking the two TE Patriots plan, but I want to keep both because they help offset our small, speedy receivers with their size. I suspect we will lose one; we'll survive.
  11. One healthy Art Jones and a healthy Anderson upon his return is fine with me. Parry is just fine.
  12. I liked them both - I see nothing gained by voting.
  13. Gore is fine - give him a decent line and he will produce. He was never meant to be a long term solution, but he's still good for next season.
  14. Playing seven games...it's moot as he wont be asked.
  15. CFL was talked about for a while, but I thought certainly some receiver starved NFL team (err, Vikings) would sign him. I also thought he'd be called up, but after seeing Quan Brey, I can see I knew very little!
  16. We can compete quite well with Gore; we can't with anOline in disarray or without a decent pass rush.
  17. Well our Oline has sucked and are we blaming Pagano?
  18. Nice call! Being named Giants OC today.
  19. Mathis is not a free agent but is expensive to keep (which I think they will).
  20. Manning? Bye bye! Reggie? Adios! I know there was no choice regarding Manning and Reggie was basically a shell of himself, but it's nice to have a "feel good" story on the front page for a change.
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