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  1. Tarik Glenn - starter from start to finish.
  2. The NFL is a Billion dollar business and the fact that employees who benefit by $millions won’t get a simple shot to help assure the success of their employer is beyond my comprehension.
  3. Unlike Wentz’s and Q’s injury, Fisher’s injury is relatively common to football and an expected return timeframe is well understood and documented. A return Week 1 would not be within this timeframe, even on the early side. If he would return, I’d question how he was able to but all others have not - and worry about a re-injury.
  4. Suggests to me that the Wentz issue is not long term/season ender or they’d be looking at a more proven QB.
  5. Umm.....Bears gave up their first round pick, a 5th rounder and 2022 1st and 4th to select Fields. That’s not “darn cheap.” We traded for Wentz and can’t undo the trade anyway, but trading would leave us with Wentz and Fields. Is that what you want? If we unload Wentz, is Fields a sure fire upgrade? We couldn’t trade next year’s 1st (as it’s in play to complete Wentz trade), we’d have given up this year’s 1st and 2nd, plus a lot more due to no first rounder to trade in 2022. So once again, we would not have addressed the pass rush issue at the very least for an opportunity for a Rookie QB. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m thinking getting a starting QB in the off-season and addressing the pass rush problem is a much better approach!
  6. Duron Carter and Da’Rick Rogers come to mind as over-hyped Receivers on the Colts - but hey, if Benedict Garçon can make an NFL roster for many years even bring from a small school, why not our 7th Rounder?
  7. Rivers had a nice season, but if he returned, i’d been happy but a voice in my head would be saying “he’s painfully immobile, and that will be our eventual downfall.” Without Rivers, it’s likely a veteran QB or trading up for Rookie. The Rookie option required a ton of draft picks (meaning not drafting Edge pass rushers) for a “shot in the dark” Rookie QB. With Wentz, we know he has shown high level of play and we hope he can get his mojo back. It seems to be a good gamble; if he falters, we’ll be out a 1st (or 2nd) Round pick and we go from there. If he succeeds, we’re out a 1st and we dance gleefully. The wildcard is injury - we have no apparent backup to hold the team steady even for a series or two.
  8. SI gave Colts a “B.” The point is no one really knows but it gives “experts” something to write about and fans something to argue.
  9. Our greatest weakness was lack of pass rush and we’ll need it given the QBs we face in regular season and in playoffs. Mission accomplished; we filled a huge need. This team can compete and go as far as injuries and Wentz will allow - we can compete with and beat anyone. Every team has questions: ours are Wentz and LT. If they pan out (and the Tevi vs Costanso comparison was shocking to me), we’re going to be very good.
  10. Well Tevi is obviously our LT; I wonder if he was going into Thursday night?
  11. I only know what they said, but when Eichenberg was selected, they said he was a RT as his foot speed was too slow for LT (blind side). He was evidently not the answer for Colts at LT.
  12. I’d guess two more gone before we pick; so look at your LT list and see if three are acceptable. If so, no problem.
  13. They say Eichenberg is too slow footed for LT; he may not have been in play for us
  14. Evidently many people wanted a throwback two way player who could start LT on Offense and Edge on D. Well, those players are extinct. What we have is a Day 1 starter at a position of great need; we face seemingly endless top flight QBs and pass rush was poor last year, and we lost Autrey to free agency. We are lucky Paye was sitting there for us to draft. Regarding LT, we are not going out there playing 10 against 11. Braden Smith was not a 1st Rounder and actually drafted as a Guard but is now our RT. We will have quality options in Round 2 for LT. We would not have had quality options in Round 2 for an Edge. Remember that Round two players are the top 60-70 players available - not like we’re trying to plug a bunch of free agents as starters! And knowing LT is deep, we’re going to be fine. I see no justification for passing on Edge in Round 1, knowing a highly regarded OLineman will be available in Round 2 - again, the reverse would not have been true.
  15. Sure, but if they did, they’d have no Edge as the pick would have been traded.
  16. Colts were not drafting Phillips. Glad he was selected.
  17. I’m not a fan of picking up Clowney - he’s an injury waiting to happen, and what good is that when the playoffs start?
  18. It boils down to Wentz being better than Rivers (which is a tall order as Rivers was very good), because there’s no way a couple depth guys can offset our unsigned free agents and AC’s retirement.
  19. I’ve likedTY ever since his draft day - he was in his modest home with family and you could just feel the love. No pretense.
  20. Well Houston had the best QB in the conference...and how did that work out?
  21. If you were an NFL GM, would you trade a late round pick for his rights? You’d be a laughingstock. Hummm. Where’s Grigson?
  22. Reggie’s a HOFer - it’s just a matter of time until it’s official.
  23. ...and amazingly one face is not a Jag (yet). And you are welcome, AFC South, for Trevor Lawrence proofing the division(so far).
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