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  1. I'll ask the same question, what makes him great as a player?
  2. What makes him great? He's just a little bit bigger version of what Barkley was. However, Barkley was a pretty good mid-range shooter, had a GREAT low post game, and was a dog on defense. Lebron has none of those attributes, and Barkley was just as good with the ball in his hands and could drive as good as Lebron without having to run over people in the process. I'd take Barkley EVERY day of the week in his prime over a prime Lebron. As much as I hate Kobe, and he was a huge part of this era with Lebron, Kobe is the better player.
  3. Bush and Walker are virtually the same size, and Walker did decent in our defense, and he's nowhere near the athlete that Bush is. I don't doubt he could play WILL, but I think a team that drafts him in the first has plans of putting him in the middle of their defense.
  4. One could only hope.. If Baltimore drops Mosely, I think that's the farthest down Bush makes it because I think Baltimore will be running up to the podium for him. The kid is going to be good and I could only imagine him playing Leonard in this Colts defense.
  5. Pretty much except for the "great player' part. I've watched the game since the early 80's, as have you, and I've seen greatness, and that will never be Lebron in my opinion.
  6. I think it's more about showing people that Lebron isn't good about making those around him better and never has been. If it weren't for Wade and Bosh, he might only have 1 ring, if that. He's practically given up playing defense, and the rest of the team see's that. Don't get me wrong, they would be worse without Lebron, but to say they are better with him, isn't saying much either. Lebron's window is closing FAST, and we'll see how desperate Magic gets this summer trying to revive whatever he can with Lebron. They might make the playoffs this year but they will be swept the first round.
  7. I don't think it's out of the question, but it just depends on the DL guys and how desperate teams get for QB's. I don't think he makes it out of the top-15 for sure.
  8. I was wrong about what he ran but it wasn't relevant to my post about them, and who cares if they are white. I also mentioned that Harvin could be compared as well.
  9. Maybe because they are guys who came in and were expected to be that #2 or #3 option and could end up outproducing the top dog. Sure, I'll tell you what YOU want to hear, he's white and so are the others, but I'm looking at how all 3 play the game and how Isabella could come in emulate those 2 as being a top dog for their team when they weren't expected or considered to be. Harvin is also a good example, but I wasn't really talking about physical attributes. Kupp ran 4.45 at the combine I believe
  10. I'd rather hope to get him at 59, but I don't think he'll make it. I think he's going to be a really good NFL WR. I can see him easily being a Kupp/Thielen-type player and producing big early.
  11. It's always good to have the traits that can't be taught, and then build the player from there.
  12. I think Howard could easily push Mack for the starting spot if not completely take it.
  13. I agree. I think we'd have a legitimate shot at Houston if he does become available.
  14. Still, his production doesn't come anywhere close to matching even that 15.5M price-tag.
  15. That is still Belicheck's defense. Schiano will have to conform to what Belicheck wants. I don't think he had the leash on him that tightly under Urban.
  16. As a Buckeye fan, in my opinion, this was the worst LB and secondary group we've had in YEARS. The DL was actually good, as it has been for the last decade, but losing Bosa hurt a lot and the back 7 was young and no where near as talented as it had been. Dre'Mont had a really good season, but he is who he is - a good interior pass rushing DL that needs to get stronger and get better against the run. I look for him to come to the combine and knock it out of the park, but he's going to have to be AT LEAST 285 - 290 and do well on the bench to show teams he's training to be a true 3-down lineman at the NFL level. Everything else is there - the athleticism, the character, the talent, but is he of top-35 value being a 2-down player at this point in time? As for Schiano, I'm glad he's gone. Again, we had some deficiencies on the back 7 of the defense and he really did nothing to help scheme around that and help the young guys out. If it weren't for the DL, they might have lost at least 2 or 3 more games notably the TCU and Penn State games. Keep an eye on Chase Young, that kid is NFL ready now. 6'4'ish at ~260 and is a freak (10.5 sacks and 15.5 TFL's last year). He took off once Bosa went down with his injury, and never looked back, so it will be interesting this year when teams have the bulls-eye full time on him. He'll EASILY be a top-10 pick next year.
  17. 2 games made up roughly 40% of his yardage and half of his total TD's. The other 14 games made up the other 60% of his yardage and the other half of his TD's. I know you can't take games away, but @Defjamz26 is correct that the majority of his season was very average.
  18. OBJ easily just due to his youth.. I also think he's the better receiver right now as well.
  19. Considering how underwhelming he's been in Miami, I don't think he'll be to costly. However, we've all seen teams give out excessive money to underwhelming players before, so it wouldn't surprise me if some team throws money at him. I think a Grant-type deal would get him here, especially with having Luck and hopefully continuing to be an ascending team.
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