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  1. To the bolded, and as a fan, no... Ohio States OL is far from why Zeke was productive. Urban's RPO scheme masked A LOT of deficiencies with that OL. Zeke is as good as advertised. There's a reason he was compared to Edgerrin James.
  2. I really hope Grover keeps building on the excellent camp he's had so far.
  3. This is just not said enough on here.. I shake my head, and laugh, when people have "they owe us", or some variation of entitlement, in any part of their sentence. Once the season starts and the Colts are running off wins, he'll be gone.
  4. Honestly, this group is by far one of the deepest on the team and I look for the DB's to be rotated A LOT, like the DLine has and will be, just keep to keep them fresh throughout the game and year. Being a "starter" may not mean much, when after the game is over, they all finished with similar snap counts. I'm totally good with that approach.
  5. BleedBlu8792

    TC Day 4

    Yea it had nothing to do with Haskins. Haskins can make every throw, and the other wide receivers on the team (Hill, Mclaurin, Victor, Dixon, Mack) were all used in different ways like Campbell. Campbell, again, was used as a safety outlet for Haskins, but it also allowed Campbell to get a lot of open space looks which was much more favorable to him, the offense, and especially Haskins with how bad the OL was. Campbell is going to hurt a lot of guys' feelings if he gets the ball in the open field.
  6. BleedBlu8792

    TC Day 4

    How would that have been on Haskins? OSU's O-line was one of the worst I have seen in years, and Campbell was used a lot as a safety valve for Haskins.
  7. I'll say I think it gets better for them now that Day is running the team and they will now employ more of an NFL playbook as opposed to Urban's run heavy/pass option offense. OSU has never had a problem getting 4/5 star WR's, and Day has already had a few commitments for next year and beyond, but I look for his incoming QB's to be much better than what Urban and Tressel brought in. And yes Parris' best football is still ahead of him and I'm glad it's with the Colts.
  8. He did, but Victor, Hill, Dixon, Mclaurin were all in that 400-500 yard range with him. JT and that RPO scheme that Urban liked really hindered the WR's. Haskins should have been the starter in 17' but Urban was loyal to JT, and again, he fit Urban's style of offense that he wanted to run. I think it was more that his play got to him mentally and he dug himself a hole he really couldn't get out of and it showed. The same thing happened to Austin Mack last year and he never seemed to recover either. He had a few bad drops in the TCU game and they yanked him and he never seemed to fully recover last year like Paris the year before.
  9. Yes I completely mis-stated about him being a punt returner. Campbell had a dreadful game against Penn State in 2017 (fumble and multiple drops) and I thought he had a fumble in the return game as well, but he didn't. He was benched not even half way through the game and Urban had him in the dog house, it seemed like, the rest of the season. JT Barrett graduating and Kevin Wilson getting demoted for Ryan Day helped OSU tremendously last year. Haskins and Day's offensive scheme really helped Paris become the WR he is now.
  10. He was a returner his Junior year and he muffed a couple punts bad enough for them to pull him off completely.
  11. BUT... Myles doesn't shoot like he should and is soft on the block. He's a subpar rebounder and still can't handle the better big's in the league. If he can't score nor stop those guys, you have a big soft-a33 waterboy running up and down the court. I'd take Sabonis' offensive ability everyday over Turner's defense. Sabonis would abuse Turner in one-on-one situations if they played each other. I guess our outlook on the integrity of the game is different and I can promise you these guys don't want the "easy" path either.
  12. Wade and Bosh aren't the players that Davis and Leonard are. Neither were top-5 NBA'ers when Lebron joined them. Kawhi has a strong case as being the best player in the NBA right now, and I fully believe that. This is a totally different, and even worse, scenario than the Miami nonsense. No different than in the 90's with Jordan, I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere but Chicago. I don't like seeing the East being weak and just to make it "easy" for the Pacers. How I miss the 80's and 90's NBA..
  13. And that would probably be it for me and the NBA. I still hold out hope that Kawhi resigns with Toronto.
  14. New Orleans has Okafor as it's starting C now. He's only 23 and played well down the stretch when AD was out. Looking at his game log, anytime he put in over 30 min/g he was a 20+/10+ guy. His per 36 shows him averaging 18/10, which is workable.Putting Zion next to him could help him even more, especially with how good of a passer Zion is. Okafor is also still really cheap for the next year, so I doubt they trade for Turner or Sabonis when neither are really an upgrade. I'm not much of a fan of Lonzo, and certainly don't want to trade any assets for him. Being a FA is about the only way I would give him consideration, which he isn't anyways. I'd still rather have Rubio.
  15. It was probably a good thing, especially last year with how the defense played. The offense could have played with anyone, but they would have been abused had they made it to the playoffs. I really like the coaching changes/additions that Day has made so far and I think it will benefit the defense greatly this year. The OL is huge ? for me because they had a lot of experience on that line last year and they still weren't good.
  16. That's usually what Michigan fans say when the end of November comes around.. Although, that's usually what I say when Ohio State plays Purdue
  17. Well ~3 blocks a game isn't enough to cover up his barely-7-rebound average/game. It's sad that there are a few Guards who average close to what he does, with a few averaging more.
  18. If Turner wasn't such a soft a33, there wouldn't be a PF in the league who could guard him. If only Sabonis had Turners athleticism, to go with his block/post game, the Pacers would be paying him a max contract next year.
  19. The numbers are what they are.. Sabonis is the better offensive player. Your statement is irrelevant to what I responded to.
  20. So why would you trade the guy who is better between the 2 offensively and on the boards?
  21. Well, Sabonis is in the last year of his deal. This gives Goga a year to take it slow, learn, and be ready next year to fill in. I really hope he's as good as they, and everyone else who thought he was a lottery guy, say he is.
  22. Turner should be the one playing the stretch 4. I don't think Sabonis is athletic enough for some of the smaller 4's in the league.
  23. KZ Okpala Hmm.. reading his profile, he sounds very Paul George'ish...
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