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  1. Why? Our O-line was garbage. Probably the worst in Urban's time at OSU and probably one of the worst at running the ball too. Ryan absolutely loved crossing patterns over the middle of the field while having a guy like McLaurin, Mack, or Victor stretch the field deep. Haskin's reads were deep and in, and normally the short read was the norm because no zone nor man coverage could limit the crossing patterns. They would hit those a handful of times and start getting the safety's to cheat up and that's where they would catch them deep. Again our OL just couldn't hold up to the to the long developing plays so they had to use the short passing game to open everything else up and Paris just feasted. I'm going to miss watching Haskins and those guys this year. It's amazing they went 12-1 last year with how many deficiencies they had on the OL and the back 7 on D.
  2. Ward is not a DE, he's a 3T in our system.
  3. Incorrect... I'd have to assume they see this guy having potential as a CB as well as being able to play behind Hooker
  4. I just shook my head when they took Ferrell over Allen. Don't get me wrong, I believe Ferrell will be good, but I think Allen is going to have a better NFL career and that SOB is in our division
  5. 5 picks today would be fantastic
  6. Denver is the only team I see that could use a future QB because we all know Flacco is a really short term situation. I would gladly take their 2nd and at least their 3rd, but I would ultimately try to get them to come off both 2nd's if they want Lock, whom Elway is rumored to be highly interested in.
  7. I get it, you're an Iwish, I mean Irish fan, but overrating Tillery isn't necessary..
  8. They must believe whatever handful of guys they had rated around 26 some will be there at 34, 46 is a bonus. Valuation doesn't change much with having 34, but if 46 were our first real pick I would agree.
  9. I don't know man. I think when you want back into the first, you're going to have to over pay. I would have at least wanted their 3rd this year too.. That's you're opinion.. not mine Regardless of the health issues I wasn't that intrigued with Sweat and Abram I was meh on
  10. Why would we take them at 26 when we added picks AND just pick them tomorrow... come on man
  11. no way... That's not enough in my opinion
  12. If we got a future first, holy sh, we could put ourselves in the running for Chase Young next year...
  13. Best thing we could do at this point
  14. As a Buckeye fan I REALLY hope not.. he's not first round talent.
  15. Because the value isn't there for either as has been shown so far although I wouldn't be surprised if Balt is the first to grab a WR.
  16. Umm Tillery which has been mentioned multiple times..
  17. I would hope he would on Simmons
  18. If he was healthy he was a top-10 pick. I don't think any team had character concerns with him considering the endorsements he's had from pretty much every coach/adult figure who's been around him. And you absolutely take him in the first if he's there due to the 5th year option.
  19. I have Hulu Live now, and it's fantastic especially since you get the 4 major local channels as well. I also have used Sling TV and it was excellent as well. With no contract, I'm kind of trying them all to see which one I like the best.
  20. How anyone still has cable, outside of it's use for internet, is a head-scratcher to say the least.
  21. There is still Ridgeway and Ward as well. I still say Ward is going to be our starting 3T. I'm starting to warm up to Lawrence, and I agree with what some others have said, I think he needs to be in the 320's and not the 340's. I think he and Ward would be a heckuva tandem inside.
  22. They'll meet their target pretty easily with the extensions of guys this year and next, 2 draft classes, and whatever FA they continue bringing in this year and next.
  23. The one I hope we don't get Never been an Ajayi fan.
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