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  1. No he's not. That's why he was released from Cincy because he wasn't good outside and they never gave him a shot inside like the Colts did.
  2. They could have called holding on KC all night.
  3. Being a Buckeye fan, and I know you are too, Fields isn't ready yet. For the complaining that JB gets for holding onto the ball, Justin is worse. I figured with how Ryan handled Haskins last year and getting him to get rid of the ball quicker, that would have translated well over to Justin, but I haven't seen it. Once he gets really tested, or they have to play from behind late in the game, I don't think he will handle it nearly as well as Haskins did. Again, another year for Justin would do him well, but I can see him leaving for the NFL as he'll be 21 in March. I'd like to see Dobbins in this offense. He's a bigger version of Hines and could steal carries/touches away from Mack.
  4. Cool.. I'll take those points.
  5. I think its just a nickname ("NyNy") he's given him...
  6. I have no doubts you actually believe this...
  7. Because he wasn't good to begin with?
  8. Marinelli couldn't even help him, so I think that tells you all you need to know about Taco..
  9. Nobody has said, or acted, like that....
  10. What does that have to do with anything that's being discussed? I bet you * in the wind alot..
  11. Because Belicheck also had Jimmy G at that time?
  12. Chandler Jones? Richard Seymour? Both were some of the top defensive players in their time they were traded.
  13. He's always made moves like that.. He moved on from Chandler Jones early in his prime and did the same with Richard Seymour.
  14. Delete.... found this "Practice squad players can be paid any amount by teams as an incentive to not sign to another team’s roster. The contracts do count towards the team’s salary cap"
  15. Just to clear this up, the team signs the player. The player really doesn't choose and sign himself to a team. I'm pretty sure that if a guy is signed off another teams' PS he has to go to the 53 man roster for that week.
  16. My bets are on him landing on the 53.
  17. Dallas was on the receiving end of these a few times with Peyton.
  18. 7 points and a little over 100 yards on defense. I'll take that, especially on the road in this heat. They did very well coming out of the half last week, so hopefully there is a repeat of that.
  19. To many playmakers now so no need to force plays to TY.. come on JB
  20. I think that's what Houston was yelling at him too
  21. You don't have to see blue.. just don't need to be completely blind either
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