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     Leonards passer rating allowed please. Thanks
     Not that this shows much with Ebs zone coverage depths.
    It is a give them a free toss defense then collapse as a team for the tackle while trying to create turnovers. Ugh to watch!
     And doodoo against good QB's. JMO of course.

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     Edge had that fast Howard Mudd trained line that blocked the stretch play at a high level. And he was exceptional reading it and bursting through an instantly developed crack for 6-7 yards. No back in the league was close to his numbers for 6-7 yard gains.
     It might have helped a little having the MVP threatening with his passing attack. And Edge was superior picking up blitzes. 
     Taylor right now is a great athlete that is a pretty good football player.
    He can improve and will i am sure, and hopefully have a healthy line so he can be all he can be as a runner. 

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     The Texans are not very good and did what others have been doing to us, they just finished drives poorly, it's what they are now.
     The best part was the long ball game we have with CW. We all want this in our O. Taylor is a winner, and conserving his rush attempts is wise. Hines being used this way is bothersome, it is like Frank doesn't want to show ALL he has planned for when we need it to beat the best. I hope anyway!!
     Tom Landry usually called a conservative first half and sprung a more wide open 2nd half. He made the playoffs 20 strt8 years.
     Our best days start next year. Its a learning season with all these young defenders, and CW must be sharper to beat the best.

  4. 15 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Welcome back TY (hope he’s not hurt too bad)

    Taylor is a beast.

    Wentz cooled off in the second half but Taylor got going.  Wentz has proven to be the answer at QB.  Frank has clearly made an impact with him.  Good marriage between the two.

    Leonard is playing like an all pro on a bad wheel.

    Still concerned about the lack of pass rush up front.  It was better today but the Texans were also really beat up on the line.

    Bad day for Fisher.  I still don’t think he’s the long term answer at LT

    Badgley made all his kicks so all you could ask for from him.  I thought the announcers made too big of a deal about him not doing kickoffs as Ridgo does that even with a healthy Hot Rod.

    The secondary was better but the Texans are a bad team so I am still concerned about them.

    Was good that Pascal came back in after he got hurt.

    Campbell finally got his deep bomb and then got hurt sigh.



     Then your thinking You Know Fishers is 100% and this is all you get.
     Get over yourself, he can improve, and next year he should be closer to 100%. Wherever he is playing.

  5. 7 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:

    His 9 INTs are the most of any linebacker since he entered the league.


    He has forced double digit fumbles in his career.


    He has forced five fumbles in the last four games.


    He’s a playmaker.  That’s why.


     As we can now expect him to get shredded in pass D by good QB'S.

    He is excellent going forward, very replaceable in space. For hi$ money he should be very good in space. That's why not.

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  6. 26 minutes ago, MikeCurtis said:

    I truly think this is the year (offseason) we pay for a "star" FA DL that can pass rush. I HOPE that Paye and Dayo can bring it,

    (I even bought a Paye Jersey :) and I havent bought a specific player Jersey since Coryatt...... Yeah, Im old)


    BUT.....  I think we need to "swat this FLY" with a hammer.....  not a flyswatter


    We cant take a chance on this one..... its too critical for this teams success. 


    We are worried about a rookie QB from a crappy team, torching our defense - RIGHTLY SO


    If we dont improve dramatically on pass rush, running this defense, we wont be a factor to contend IMHO 


    We dont need shut down corners to run this defense well


    We do need the DE that can pass rush (And maybe a true play-making safety that doesnt appear to be on this team)


    I am starting to believe that our offense is rounding out and with some depth on OL, and improved play at LT, we will be ok on that side of the ball


    Zero pass rush equals doom for this defense.... and this team, come playoff team, let alone the worries about how we are going to do against a team we SHOULD be beating by 3 touchdowns




      I'll go with Zero % on a top FA DE.
       A corner or safety with our top pick, whichever one we don't sign as our highest paid FA acquisition. This makes the most sense to me. We need at least 2 new corner additions next season. We will have next to nothing beyond Rock. Rogers is weak in zone. His reported speed is no factor.
      Eb has all of our back seven in deep space waiting on the catch and to then close in. There is no read and reaction to what is coming at them. 
     It Looks intellectualy lazy, deficient.

  7. 1 hour ago, csmopar said:

    Honestly, I don’t know. I’d probably just riden Eason or some other dude to a top 3 pick. Then figured it out from there.


    Course I also think the reason Rivers retired was he was told that since Wentz was available, we were going after him. 

    I’m saying IF the current pattern holds, we would have a top 5, minimum top 10 pick. 

    now if we get on a winning streak, then I may change my mind on that. 


      Few in the world thought at trade time this was a top ten pick team for 2022.
      What a joke to think a QB taken 10-20 would have been much for 2-3 seasons or more, as all of our young talent has been developed into a contending team. It is a total crapshoot with these college QB's that usually have two seasons or less of starting experience.
     And what Garbage to say that the current pattern doesn't show great promise with a weaker schedule ahead. We were ahead 22-3 on the road.
    LMAO that you may have a change of mind. Doyle use you for writing tips?

  8. 3 minutes ago, bluephantom87 said:

    I also wonder on the offensive side of the ball how much leeway does Carson have on audibles? I've noticed a couple of times that commentators have stated Carson should've changed the play and it seems to be on run plays up the middle against stacked boxes that had no chance from jump. Usually resulting in the play being blown up and a loss of yards.


    I think he has the green light but is hesitant being new to the team and by trying to reestablish that relationship with Frank. As the season progresses I think he will more and more especially after he builds that bond with the offensive skill players.


     Spot on. Definitely expect the offense to include more audibles as the unit gets more time together. Playing under the same co-ordinator for several years with many of the same players adds a lot of dimension to an O.
     This is a Learning Season. I'm very excited what i saw from Campbell, Pittman, and Mo-Allie Monday night. Granson had a really good 17 yarder too. The mental game is only going to speed up for these younguns.
     We just gotta get them in the End zone!!! That's when we know we got something!!

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  9. 12 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

    I think showing stats after five weeks that show Wentz in the middle of the pack and calling him “average” is….   I don’t want to say “lazy”, but I’ll say shallow and superficial.  

    You need context.   Missed almost all of camp, played behind a decimated line, has gotten better and was very good last night.   His play is ascending.  Given health,  I expect Wentz to continue his good play.   I like our future based on what I’ve seen and what is reasonable to expect.  


       I like it as shallow and supeficial. Very good.
      If he wanted to be a good reporter he should have done the numbers thusly.
      You show the 1st 3 games combined, then the last two.
      Talked about the great week of practice, Wentz's 1st full week, talk about the solid play of the O-Line minus Q & Smith, and give a little bit of credit to what is clearly progress. 
     But No, he reports like the slanted dung on cable news. 

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  10. 16 hours ago, GoatBeard said:

    Right on.


    I dont understand the panic stricken people that want somebody fired everytime we lose a game, and I never will.


    Ive seen so many comments "we will never win a title with this defense"


    Fools we already did! A much more vanilla version in fact! 


    I couldnt enjoy being a fan with that kind of mindset. It would be a waste of time to me.


     GREAT post Beard!  We just need to play from the lead and have the killer instinct on offense. I saw our young receivers running quality routes and playing like we have been hoping for. 
     I can't wait to see Wentz and his pass catchers after their 2nd full week of practice together. 

  11. 10 hours ago, King Colt said:

    So did some of Lucks and Mannings


     Luck threw everything late and high (he held on to the ball continually) and got receivers drilled or they short armed stuff because they were about to be. And DB's dropped many balls each season that were thrown right to them.
     And remember all those fluttering ducks Manning threw. Wabble wabble wabble. 100 Int. his 1st 5 seasons.
     Carson just had his 1st full week of practice. Hahaha!
    Let's judge him for those 1st 3 games. Hahahaha! Rivers 1st 5 games last season had me wondering A Lot more than Wentz does NOW!
     He had several well timed and thrown balls to Campbell. Anyone excited about Campbells route running? Because it was EXCELLENT!
     Wentz is getting really good production from Pittman. Expect much more!
     Wentz is hitting Pacall really well. Should get better.
     How about Mo-Allie. He had some neat routes and excellent clutch catches.
      It should all get better with practice practice practice!
       Frank needs better plans in the red zone. I'm not a TY fan but he is good for a few quick hitters in tight spaces.
      What a joke those of you that worry about wentz holding onto the ball.
     You see it coming together quickly but hold Wentz to a Brady, or later in his career Manning standard for getting rid of the ball.
      He is Wentz, and he is likely to become considerably better the more he works with Everyone. They will all think better as a unit. 
     Because this is a Natural progression, enjoy the offense's ride.
      lol with the D. We were looking good when it was 22-3.
     EJ Speed has all these draftable physical tools and EB never puts him on the field in his 3rd season. Zero player development. I guess it would look bad if they pulled Leonard in some passing situations. As i have posted before this season, Leonard is strong going forward, and very average in space. NOT what we are paying for that is certain. Oh well.

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  12. 2 hours ago, pgt_rob said:


    Thank you. Here is what I was trying to find:


    1. Wentz plays at least 75 percent of Indianapolis' offensive snaps.


    2. Wentz plays at least 70 percent of Indy's snaps, and the Colts make the playoffs.


    So it's looking like the Eagles will for sure get our conditional (1st) pick as long as Wentz doesn't miss games. With how difficult our schedule is this year, it's going to be a tough pill to swallow if our pick is top 10. 



     TRUE because ALL top ten picks are wonderful.

      People that B & Whine have cups that are ALWAYS half empty and just luv saying i told you so.

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  13. 2 hours ago, MCurtis32 said:

    For a change, I'm not too * off about the game. Colts just did not have enough healthy defenders in the secondary to finish what they started. The defense could not get off the field, the rush got tired.

    it all boils down to depth. Yes all teams have injuries. The Colts have decent starters, but they are backed up by practice squad players that are not starters and never will be. They are flush with running backs. The o-line played well considering they are banged up. Offensively the competed last night. Defensively they held up for three quarters.


     I thought Blackmon made a lot of nice plays. He might be a keeper.

     If Rock keeps improving that might be 2 good enough starters.

      NEXT YEAR, a quality CB AND S needs added. jmo

  14. 15 hours ago, boo2202 said:

    Losing hurts but slowly seeing that first rounder slip away week by week is begin to hurt even more. Wentz is going to work out for us but this team needs a couple elite players at key positions that pick could net. We’re in bad need of a shut down corner, elite edge rusher, and a electric receiver. Just makes every loss worse know that we’re not going to have that high pick to take a game changer. 


     Silliness. We GOT a game changer for that pick. We have our rusher, our receivers, you just don't get it AT ALL!

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  15. 4 hours ago, JediXMan said:

    I’m not going to % on a guy for one play he made in his many years with the Colts. This isn’t something he regularly does or is known for. It was a bad play but I’m not going to question his character over one play in the hundreds of snaps he has for the Colts. That would be very silly.



     I've seen so much Doyle i can guarantee you Doyle risked getting a terrible penalty because that guy laying on the ground EARNED what he got and then some. To believe otherwise is silly!

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  16. 39 minutes ago, Nesjan3 said:

    So he added weight that automatically means he can hit from over 50 now?? Think there is a bit more to kicking than weight nice try though


     It is obviously over yourhead. There is no need for people to "TRY" explaining to some. 
     For you newbies just learning about weight training, think about there being people out there to help you become stronger and more flexible.
     It's a Mad Science but it can work. I know, it sounds like crazy talk. 

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  17. 3 hours ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    Wasn't clutch time in camp was it. Strachan was amazing in camp and you don't see him getting targets. Campbell is soft of a defender is close or touches him he drops it every time. Strachan needs more targets.


     My gosh you are horrible. Your fired!

  18. 6 minutes ago, TimetobringDfence! said:

    Should we be worried or does Eric get a pass for his poor pass blocking so far. I would say he was a contributing factor to our loss, giving up the strip sack in the redzone.


     Guessing you watched the sack on the radio.
     It was either an off sides or a perfectly timed rush. Either way, few LT's would have stopped it. And it is up to the QB to protect the ball.
     We lost for a number of reasons, but mostly because of Failed kicks.
     One extra point away from a great victory.  
      Today is the day to listen to the "lamentation of the women" as Conan said.

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  19. 1 hour ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Rodgers was back in on the next series.


     They threw a bomb over some Lost clowns head.

    8 hours ago, Frenchy789 said:

    Yeah situational football is the worst. 


    I think that's one of the negatives of over-using analytics. Everyone has access to the same situation 3rd 8 already in field goal range but kicker is injured so need more yardage, RB is a stud so maybe he gets the first but we want to run the clock and kick the field goal)


    So we predictably run it, get stuffed and gain a yard or two, then our exhausted O-Linemen (was it Smith or Glowinski?) get torched by Calais Campbell. 


    I just don't see us going to a big game for the next couple of years with how bad our secondary is. 


     Good thinking. We have a young inexperienced roster. They RARELY play in big games. You can't have that many back seven that can't cover, make plays on the ball, and stop the pass.  Flus probably won't be the DC when we play Championship caliber D. JMO

  20. 8 hours ago, Frenchy789 said:

    Yeah situational football is the worst. 


    I think that's one of the negatives of over-using analytics. Everyone has access to the same situation 3rd 8 already in field goal range but kicker is injured so need more yardage, RB is a stud so maybe he gets the first but we want to run the clock and kick the field goal)


    So we predictably run it, get stuffed and gain a yard or two, then our exhausted O-Linemen (was it Smith or Glowinski?) get torched by Calais Campbell. 


    I just don't see us going to a big game for the next couple of years with how bad our secondary is. 


     Glowinski didn't get torched. He laid down. His foot got caught or something. Blankenship missed an extra point!!!! He has been amazing, kicking most everything right down the middle. Oh well!

  21. 1 hour ago, Indeee said:

    The Ravens are NOT a good team this year. The Colts were up big for this reason. Whatever is being said by media regarding the Ravens, its smoke and absurd.


    The Ravens lost to a much improved Raiders team who only recently fell apart amidst the Gruden stuff. They beat a very mediocre KC team whose defense is worse than ours and who are not that good this year especially against the run and the Ravens running game outside of Lamar, is putrid. They needed a 66 yard fg to beat DETROIT, and they beat a terrible Denver team who was only once 3 and 0 by beating even worse teams than them. They should not have beaten us but they best us and everyone on here knows WE ARE TERRIBLE right now.


    Doesn't matter why. Doesn't matter if we shows signs of better stuff each week. WE ARE TERRIBLE right now.


    I'm only writing this thread because I saw some on here using stuff like Lamar is great, Ravens are really good, blah, blah, blah. Its hogwash. This Ravens team is not good and next week the Chargers will wax them.


    We lost because we are terrible. We are bottom tier. Thats it.




      Garbage. Terrible drivel. Back under your rock.

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