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     Actually, he is known to the highest degree by Reich. The voice that matters.
    He no doubt watched his tape from the suck year last season, has talked to Carson, and believes he can set him up to be highly effective.
     The **** from talking heads IS just bla bla bla. Meaningless tripe.
     As for what Ballard spoke, this is how a very wise grown up addresses the talking heads. No hype, we work hard with a great attitude, trying to get a little better every day, so let's just wait and see what the Team looks like.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

    I could listen to Ballard talk football all day. I'd love to spend a Sunday afternoon at a game with him and just talk shop for hours. 


      Me also. He gets down to the guts of a subject. No gloss, no varnish.
     The interview went by in a flash. When his interviews are over he gains another level of trust and faith in his endeavors as a human being and a football guy.

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  3. 20 hours ago, Indyfan4life said:

    ESPN's Michael Rothstein reports the Colts could be among potential trade partners for Julio Jones. 

    Rothstein said the 49ers, Patriots, and Raiders could also be in the mix for Julio if the Falcons make the agonizing decision to part ways with their longtime franchise cornerstone. Colts general manager Chris Ballard's willingness to engage in blockbuster trade talks and Indy's salary cap space -- around $21.5 million -- leave the Colts as a favorite to land Jones, 32, if they're willing to part with valuable 2022 draft picks. A healthy Jones would prove a marked upgrade for Carson Wentz and a Colts' receiver group led by fading veteran T.Y. Hilton. Jones has a $23 million cap hit in 2021 and a $20 million hit the following two years. New Atlanta general manager Terry Fontenot has pointedly not shot down Julio trade rumors, saying in April that the Falcons will "answer calls on any players." “When teams ask about players, we have to answer those calls and we have to listen because we do have to, we knew when we stepped into this we were going to have to make some tough decisions because it is just the reality of it," Fontenot added. 


     You should correct the header.

    I say make them take TY, Patmon, Banogu,  and next year's comp picks, and give us some $millions to pay him.

     Woot woot!

  4. 15 hours ago, CR91 said:

    Not sure how much this helps us. The cowboys run defense was terrible.


     Nice post. 

      But i think I will trust others that say he is a slightly above average run defender.

     And that Ballard and his staff chose to add him now and not wait to find someone that you like better.

     They are pleased to get him. That is how CB operates.


      Love all these i would have signed Leno to "MY Offer" type posts. LMAO
     These people must not get that Ballard had contacted his agent and heard what LENO wanted. Leno moved on and scheduled a trip to Washington.
     And Ballard got who he wanted on the one year contract he wanted.
      They will of course deny it, but i can see the line of negative I Told You So's being mighty long if Fisher has any problems coming back. Gotta laugh at those worried about how much $$$ is involved. CB IS a good CEO.
     In a business that has wide changes every year. I would say he and His team are feeling darn good with the roster Today.
      TY hasn't earned his money any of the last 3 years and has little chance to earn it this year. But they do love'em some TY.

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  6. 56 minutes ago, Scott Pennock said:


    Dayo will be the LDE (Jabaal Sheard/Denico Autry) in base defense and Paye will be the RDE (Houston) in base. 


    If Woods is signed he is in competition behind Grover Stewart as a NT with Stallworth, Brown and Williams. 


    Windsor and Cline are in competition to be the UT depth behind Buckner with Dayo and Lewis capable of sliding inside on passing downs.


     Sorry but you left out Isaac Rochel. I believe he is a 1-2nd down DE with 3rd down UT expectations that Ballard brought in.

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     Time of possession/run the ___ball!  We are set up for success at that.
     It should be a cardiac season, lots of close games.
       If Wentz plays really good and we get some bounces we win 12.
      I wish to add that when Wentz was MVP material he was spreading the ball around at a very high level. I see him and Frank salivating because of all of our attack weapons.
     Hines, TY, and Campbell on the field together. Chuckle.
      Sounds good in May.  


     1A for me is Pascal. He has turned himself into a very valuable overall contributor. He has learned the offense/how to read and attack zones using some very good subtle moves. And his hands are very solid.
     1B is Hines. Frank and Hines are a great team. Hines is almost unstoppable in the quick game. A great counter to our run game.
     Both are entering their Prime.

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  9. 47 minutes ago, JediXMan said:

    I’m not really a fan of PFF as others. It has it’s flaws and shouldn’t be all people compare players to.


     You mean like when a DE has a run grade in the 60's, a rush grade about 70, and a overall grade for the day near 90? How? He picked up a fumble and ran it back for a touchdown.
     That is a huge flaw. How do you make a hiring decision when you know your grading dept. delivers you misguided ____ like this?

  10. 30 minutes ago, stitches said:

    Another interesting nugget from that interview is that they had a R1 grade on Blackmon last year, but dropped him because of his injury. 


      To have that type of grade they must think he has a high mental capacity.

  11. On 5/2/2021 at 4:18 PM, CR91 said:


      I love everything about this young man's commitment to get to this point.
      And his momma is heroic in her own right.
     In baseball terms, he is going to be a tough out!
      So glad he is OURS to root for!

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     FB players drafted in All rounds fill rosters, and make plays.
    I have confidence that CB has a great plan for evaluating all aspects of players, including character, physical, and intellectual capacity.
     You grind it out, set your board, and prepare for anything on draft day.
     He says he believes there are good football players available in every round.
     That said, he picked guys on his board that he believes were worth drafting, and not wanting to risk their availability as UDFA.
     So i give our draft an AAA. And like Always, judge it in 3 years.
      Hines was turning into a high quality, all-around contributor come playoff time. Worth some real $$$.
     I want Pascal signed long term, he is really solid. His best FB is ahead.
    Grover wasn't much for a couple seasons, now he is a rock.
     There are a number of very young players that have this type of potential.
      Championship teams have Many very talented players with 3-7 years of experience. Ballard is building this type of roster, and we should be peaking with this type of roster by 2022ish. The type of TEAM that could hammer on the door for a number of seasons in a Row. 


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  13. 13 hours ago, DaColts85 said:

    I highly doubt this honestly. Ballard has talked about allowing the younger guys to get playing time and didn’t want to bring Houston back. Why would he go after another older guy? Makes zero sense. 


     CB will kick the tires on a lot of vets.
     The chance one of our DE's gets hurt before the start of the season is always there. Checking in with Kerrigan now might give you a slight advantage later if he waits to sign with someone.
    Otherwise, signing him now on the cheap with little guaranteed is the only way he makes sense. 

  14. 49 minutes ago, Colts1324 said:

    I have watched A LOT of tape & I will disagree with that for the MOST part. Luck did hold the ball sometimes. He wasn't Tom Brady or Manning on his release & getting rid of the ball quickly. 

    However; I really do believe it was the scheme. First, Bruce Arians scheme gets a lot of QB's injured. The routes take FOREVER to unfold. Thus, the QB's get hit more against good pass rushing defenses. Pep's scheme was similar in that we threw a lot of PA after abandoning screens and crossing routes. Chud wasn't much better. 

    For the majority of Luck's career, I was so annoyed that we practically refused to throw crossers & screens.


     The receivers were there, they were open, and he chose to ignore them to force the ball down field. When he did try to hit the short to mid-range passes we watched him throw Hundreds of balls Late, High, and to the Wrong shoulder. It was Pathetic how bad he was at the heart of the passing game, certainly for the first 3+ years. 
     He stood in there like Superman, with many a pass rusher unable to pull him down, but many knocked him flat on his... back after he didn't throw to the receiver open right in front of him. And he said "nice hit"!!

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  15. 1 hour ago, DoubleE Colt said:

    Why would anyone trade for him now when the Bears have telegraphed they're realising him?! As said it's probably a cap situation so any team wanting him will wait it out until he's inevitably let go surely.

    So two teams want him. One team offers the Bears a draft pick and one does not. Guess who gets him?


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  16. 18 hours ago, Dogg63 said:

    And here's the video to prove it.




     Very cool!
     Ehlinger had enough on that ball as a high schooler for the play to work in the NFL. And on the $$$. We saw so little of that type of play with such accuracy in Luck's 1st 3 years BTW.

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