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  1. Hello Colts Fans! I hope every stayed safe during the "polar vortex" we sure got hit hard here! my back is recovering from digging out! cannot wait for Saturday!

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    2. BrentMc11


      100GFB: I 'aint' got a pretty bone in my body...:) It must be from the leather helmets with no facemask HA HA!

    3. southwest1


      Snow is never ever pretty. I hate moving it, shoveling it, sliding in it, falling in it, & letting ice/snow melt from my beard too. Is it Spring yet? Ha! Ha! I hope your back is recovering nicely MCF. Go Colts. :D

    4. southwest1


      Not a criticism against you at all Brent. More like female weather forecasters who say that the snow is so pretty. I just want to clarify my earlier remark buddy. :)

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