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  1. Good question , and I don’t really have much of an answer. I’m in favor of drafting Taylor or Mac Jones, and perhaps getting a stop gap like Mariota, Carr, or perhaps even Fitzpatrick, though not a big fan of him. it’ll be surprising, I think, regardless of whom the Patriots get.
  2. Why? they are mutually exclusive. Brady went to the most loaded offensive not named the Chiefs. BB started a rebuild that was happening if Brady was there or not. so no, they have nothing to do with each other.
  3. LOL. Yeah, I’m no way whatsoever did Mahomes look better than Brady. You are literally the only one saying this.
  4. BB himself said early in the season that it’s a rebuilding year. Wasn’t a fun ride, but it was expected.
  5. Colt fans complaining about PI calls when the KC players clearly interfered with the play is hilarious. 2003 anyone? Anyone?
  6. A complete lie that you won’t be able to substantiate.
  7. More lies. hilarious ones at that. Such jealousy over the fact that the Patriots owner the Colts during those years.
  8. That first entire paragraph is a great bunch of lies and misinformation. Well done.
  9. He’s already considered the GOAT. Universally, with some Colt fans as holdouts . No QB playing has been called the GOAT by everyone except Brady. NFL players today refer to him as the GOAT. Never done before. He is the GOAT, and this game won’t change it.
  10. An NBA team has 10-12 players. an NFL team has at least 53. NBA teams have 4-5 coaches. NFL teams have over a dozen. You can’t create such a bubble without the NFLPA signing off on it, and I doubt it would happen.
  11. Peyton’s own ability to choke in the playoffs sunk him more times than not. if I recall , the Steelers also stopped the Colts a number of times. And LOL at the amount of real estate that the Patriots still own in your heads. Signal stealing? what idiocy.
  12. There was never any evidence of trafficking .
  13. Good post. i think what is troubling will be if Brady continues to be inconsistent; it would signal that the second half decline he displayed last year is simply continuing. Brady is 43 years old, and that decline is happening. It’s not shameful, as it’s what is supposed to happen, right? He’s the GOAT, and will still be considered so after this season, but age is truly a factor.
  14. The Patriots would have won 28-3 if it hadn’t been for Harry fumbling through the end zone. The Patriots deliberately kept it simple. There will be more added by next week. Newton has had three weeks with the team. That’s it.
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