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  1. Da Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt, eh?
  2. Cam only makes $14 mil if they win the SB. if he does that, he’s worth the price. He gets up to $10 mil if they make the playoffs. Again, worth it. His base salary is around $6 mil. Yeah, that’s fine for a backup.
  3. Yeah, this isn’t true either. His salary is a backup QB salary at $6 mil. I think that BB will either go for Watson or Jimmy G, or trade up to get a top 4 QB in the draft. Patriots are looking very, very good right now. One or if not THE best TE group in the NFL, solid WRs, upgraded front seven, better O-line with Brown... BB turned this around quickly !
  4. Oh really? Thoughts now? Thinking BB will go all-in for Watson.
  5. LOL. SpyGate had nothing to do with Brady’s first three rings, and we all know it. to think otherwise is just wishful dreams from bitter Patriot haters.
  6. Except literally only Colt fans may think that it’s Peyton. it’s not really an opinion; Brady by every measure blows Peyton out of the water.
  7. Wait, WHAT? Peyton wasn’t surrounded by stars? He had a phenomenal defense and had MANY offensive weapons. Are we reimagining the past here?
  8. Montana says Brady is the GOAT About time he admitted what almost everyone has been saying for years.
  9. Good question , and I don’t really have much of an answer. I’m in favor of drafting Taylor or Mac Jones, and perhaps getting a stop gap like Mariota, Carr, or perhaps even Fitzpatrick, though not a big fan of him. it’ll be surprising, I think, regardless of whom the Patriots get.
  10. Why? they are mutually exclusive. Brady went to the most loaded offensive not named the Chiefs. BB started a rebuild that was happening if Brady was there or not. so no, they have nothing to do with each other.
  11. LOL. Yeah, I’m no way whatsoever did Mahomes look better than Brady. You are literally the only one saying this.
  12. BB himself said early in the season that it’s a rebuilding year. Wasn’t a fun ride, but it was expected.
  13. Colt fans complaining about PI calls when the KC players clearly interfered with the play is hilarious. 2003 anyone? Anyone?
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