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  1. Moronic. the people who did this were contractors who aren’t even affiliated with football operations. They were working on a documentary. Had nothing to do with cheating in the slightest. How you don’t all know that, I have no idea, but it’s readily apparent.
  2. And yet his team will still do better than the Colts.
  3. Folks, he didn’t move, and he hasn’t left his Brookline house. talk about not true...
  4. Give many QBs that O-line and weapons, and they would succeed.
  5. Reich is amazing? This year certainly didn’t prove that whatsoever. McDaniels will probably take over for BB, but that may be too far away in the future.
  6. Right, because the specious DeflateGate idiocy, which was overruled both in court and by science, showed how much the NFL loves the Patriots.
  7. Oh, what’s that? Exactly what I predicted and what all signs pointed to except for those who are addicted to hate? Hopefully all of you predicting guilt will issue “mea culpas”.
  8. It wasn’t the Patriots, it was a group contracted to do that documentary. as for the rest: Matt Chatham @chatham58 · 9m Just got thru a 1/2 of broadcast & coach’s copy of a Bengals game. Players onfield don’t look to sideline (either side of ball) for audibles/adjustments. Calls come in thru headset, shifts by other side prompt signaling between players—not w/ sideline. This whole thing is *ic Matt Chatham @chatham58 · 1m *This stuff is publicly available to all humans on video via an NFL GamePass subscription, or you can purchase a game ticket & look for yourself in person **I read in the subscription & ticket fine print where it explains that you don’t need sources to learn these things. Yippie
  9. Yeah, no. Patriots eclipsed that this season.
  10. LOL. Nothing to this story, but I’m shocked that Colt fans have gone off the deep end about an innocuous event during which literally nothing significant happened.
  11. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    Really? The Patriots’ defense has been called many times for defensive holding or PI. JC Jackson in particular. And I’m sorry, if you watched the Patriots game on Sunday, they did not hold/PI; they have the best secondary because of their good technique. Show us the clips from Sunday.
  12. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    But it actually was tripping. The replay doesn’t even show 71, who actually tripped.
  13. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    By the way, that WAS tripping in both plays. On the last one, it was on #71, not on #72. He lifted his leg to block Hightower. Classic tripping based on the rule. Was it the blatant tripping that you tend to think of? No. But, by rule, it clearly was.
  14. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    No, there were five different times yesterday when Edelman was hooked or held with no flag. Youve always been a Patriots hater, so I don’t expect you to see the truth in this.
  15. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    How about all of the obvious defensive holds on Patriot WRs that were never called?
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