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  1. Last I checked, this is a Colts board. What other team should I compare the Patriots with here? At least the Patriots remain relevant; hasn’t been the case for the Colts in almost a decade.
  2. Yep. Stidham, that defense and BB are much more likely to find success than the Colts.
  3. Cam is broken down? He’s had two successful surgeries over two years and is reportedly very healthy. yiu guys have Philip “Never done a thing” Rivers. For $25 million. We have a former MVP who in 2018 was becoming more Brady-like with his short throwing game before the surgery. For only $7 mil if he hits all of his incentives. A healthy Cam is FAR better than an old INT machine named Philip Rivers. I’m still very interested to see how Stidham plays; I think he has the tools to be a good NFL starter.
  4. Desperate? Paying a guy the league minimum plus incentives is desperate? I guarantee that the Patriots finish with a better record than the Colts.
  5. Pretty sure I was responding to someone taking a shot at the Patriots. At least I have that going for me.
  6. Moss was great for 2 years there. thats it. Gronk was great when he played, yes. You do realize that Welker did nothing before coming to NE? Brady made him famous. Fact is, Peyton always had first round picks on his offense. Brady did not. That was my point.
  7. Moss was near the end of his career, Gronk was great but frequently hurt, and the slot WRs? Brady made Welker and Edelman. Edelman took several years to develop and Welker didn’t do anywhere near as well either before or after NE.
  8. Not out of Foxborough they don’t. “While the organization brought back Brian Hoyer this offseason, it seems likely Stidham will be the starter come Week 1 in September.” https://weei.radio.com/blogs/ryan-hannable/jarrett-stidham-ranked-35th-best-quarterback-in-nfl Local radio hosts among others have been told by inside Patriot sources that it’s Stidham’s job right now
  9. Hoyer will only start if BB decides he wants to ease Stidham in due to that harsh schedule. keep in mind that Stidham beat Hoyer for the #2 spot, and all reports coming out of NE are very positive regarding Stidham.
  10. Better than the Colts being irrelevant for the last 9 years. The Patriots will definitely struggle ; they have the toughest schedule in the NFL. But I expect they’ll win 9-10 games. Stidham is going to be pretty good.
  11. Yeah, yet Peyton always had 1st round talent on his side of the field. Brady NEVER did. Brady’s WRs were garbage last year , and he didn’t have one even mediocre TE last year.
  12. At his peak? Yeah, that’s not remotely true. Moss was halfway through the back nine at that point. Welker and Edelman achieved nothing before playing for Brady. Edelman also took years to develop.
  13. Yet he had Wayne that entire time.
  14. A factor that so many forget (or choose to ignore) is that Peyton was ALWAYS given first round weapons. The Patriots never drafted first round weapons for Brady. TDs thrown to first round receivers: Peyton = 293 Brady = 105. so yeah, Brady did far more with far less.
  15. Jim Brown was far more impressive. Different times of course.
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