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  1. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    Really? The Patriots’ defense has been called many times for defensive holding or PI. JC Jackson in particular. And I’m sorry, if you watched the Patriots game on Sunday, they did not hold/PI; they have the best secondary because of their good technique. Show us the clips from Sunday.
  2. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    But it actually was tripping. The replay doesn’t even show 71, who actually tripped.
  3. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    By the way, that WAS tripping in both plays. On the last one, it was on #71, not on #72. He lifted his leg to block Hightower. Classic tripping based on the rule. Was it the blatant tripping that you tend to think of? No. But, by rule, it clearly was.
  4. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    No, there were five different times yesterday when Edelman was hooked or held with no flag. Youve always been a Patriots hater, so I don’t expect you to see the truth in this.
  5. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    How about all of the obvious defensive holds on Patriot WRs that were never called?
  6. NFLUp

    Cowboys at Pats

    Edelman was held frequently, and only one call near the end. Please. That was not a one sided affair.
  7. Cousins is pretty awful. Overthrew his targets all day long. He’s going to prevent the Vikes from reaching the next level.
  8. Except that the Tuck Rule was properly called just as it had been called AGAINST the Patriots earlier that season against the Jets.
  9. You al do realize that JB for the Patriots was nowhere near what he is now , yes? And that he needed three seasons (or at least 2+) to get to where he is now? i do not believe that Colt fans felt like they won this trade when Brissett had to fill in for Luck two seasons ago. He has needed all of that playing time to get to where he is now. He was not going to get that development with the Patriots. Therefore, this was a win for the Patriots at the time , and has only become a win for the Colts due to the amount of time Brissett has been able to have over the last three years in Indy.
  10. The Patriots didn’t need Brisset; how is that a loss? Dorsett is playing well for the Patriots; from the Patriot perspective , it was a win for them. At the time, did any Colt fan view Brisset as a starter? Certainly not.
  11. There’s no way Brady gets the MVP this season. It’s the defense that’s the star, even though he’s having a very good, but not great, season.
  12. QBs the Patriots have played: Against other opponents: Compl %: 62 Yds/Att : 6.51 TDs: 19 INTs: 21 rating: 77.2 Against the Patriots: Completion %: 50.8 Yds/Att : 5 TDs: 1 INTs: 18 rating: 35.6 Yes, it is the Patriots defense that is utterly dominant.
  13. Peyton virtually always had a HOF wide receiver in Indy; Marvin and Reggie, plus add Addai, Clark, as well as many others. It’s much easier to be a successful quarterback when you have every weapon at your disposal. Let’s not pretend that Brady and Peyton’s offenses were equal either.
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