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  1. I have not heard the scouts say he is expected to overtake walker.
  2. Walker is only 23. He definetly get better. No one is against bobby but people need to pump the breaks A little.
  3. I wasn’t saying Moore is asgood by any stretch. Go watch KM highlights. He seems to be around the ball a lot lot like Sanders was. They both seem to be in the right place at the right time for INT. Moore had some really good tackles. Not as hard which is good because his body won’t break down as easy but he gets it done.
  4. Kenny might not hit as hard but he brings the guy down. Kenny is all over the field like sanders was. I just think they bring a lot of the same things to the game. Of course moore play outside corner some. He flies around the field a lot like Sanders.
  5. I know they play different positions lol.
  6. Does anyone think their game is similar.
  7. They could. If he wants to be a GM though that probably wouldn’t stop him. I saw a report awhile back that mentioned he might not want to be a GM.
  8. Cox is going to have to show a ton in games before they offer him any kind of extension before his contract is up. He isn’t even that much younger then EBron. We will always carry three TE now this system.
  9. NO. His first year doesn’t count. We was cut and brought back so many times.Cox isn’t the type who would get one early anyway. Undrafted FA are signed to 3 years and can be extended after two. IF your drafted it is a 4 year contact and can be extended after 3
  10. We really have to see how this year goes. IT might sound crazy but we have so many mouths to get the ball to we might cut someone after this year because we have so many. I need to see DF and what he brings to the team. We very well might have to make a decision between DF and EE. Not to mention the draft is loaded at WR next year. I just think EE and his leadership was invaluable to this team. HE loves his team mates. IF ballard just offered him something fair he might take it. He seems to have found his home. Even if we are paying the most for TE it isn’t going. to effect us signing anyone.
  11. Everyone should go listen to the colts official podcast and Leonard’s interview and see how he talks about Walker.
  12. Some of that’s is true. Luck though has a history of loving TE going back to college. I am not worried about doyle being resonable. He is from Indy and isn’t going to want to start over at his age with a new team. Plus Ebron is already making like 7 m. His pay increase won’t be that much. His will be more of added years.
  13. TE are not. QB or DE. The pay scale is not as high as those two positions. Would you guys rather start over at TE and set our SB chances back. TE are very important in Reichs scheme. There is no reason they can’t keep all three.
  14. I don’t think he is a guy you give a early extension to. The guys who are going to get them early are guys who have clearly played above their contact like Moore.
  15. UNdrafted free agents can get extensions after two years. Just like Moore. Cox has been cut and brought back so many times not sure if that changes anything.
  16. DUH. My point is he announced ITV so she IS probably around that three month mark.
  17. I do think we could see all three on the field at the same time in certain packages.
  18. Leonard flies all over the field. So I think a guy that stays in his lanes like walker works best with Leonard. We keep hearing Bobby compared to Leonard. Well if you have two LB just buzzing around at the same time your going to get beat. I think Bobby will be a good backup to Leonard not someone who will take WAlkers place.
  19. I would assume she is out of her first trimester which would mean she is probably due sometime in Dec.
  20. To me it seems Bobby would not compliment Leonard at all. WAlkers style allows Leonard to do what he does. I don’t get wanting to push Walker out. Kind of reminds me of fans wanting to push AC out. It just baffles me.
  21. A much as people say this I dont think that is going to happen. There was only three LB with 100 tackles 1 INT and one sack. Two of them were Leonard and Walker. Leonard has said how much Walker is the leader on the field making sure everyone is in position. That is a talk order for a rookie. Walker also compliments Leonard’s playing style.
  22. Aww a little luck. Congrats. Does that mean she will have it during football season?
  23. Reich loves his TE. We will keep all three. As long as Doyle is healthy. You have to remember Doyle is almost 30. He is from Indy. He isn’t going to want to go to another team. As long as the colts wants him back and he is healthy he will be back. All they will have to give him is maybe a two year deal. Ebron could get maybe a three year deal and will get a slight pay increase. Chances are Ebron will get the big contact and Doyle would be somewhere in the middle. Cox is going to be at the lower end of pay. With Ebron and Doyle cox won’t get that much playing time to have a huge year.
  24. Darius is a funny dude. If your not following him on Instagram you should. HE will have you laughing so hard in his stories. You will also see the close relationship him and Walker have. There was a interview yesterday on the colts podcast with him. HE talked about how him and Walker break down film together and how Walker is the reason he can do what he does on the field. Anthony basically is so smart he taught leonard how to break down film.
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