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  1. My weekends are way too boring. #night

  2. According to multiple reliable sources, Peyton manning will be released before march 8 deadline. Possibly a few weeks before around combine.

    1. CR91


      la confora doesnt count as a source.

  3. Clyde Christensen officially let go after colts hire Bruce arians. I think that is the final nail in the coffin for manning leaving. #byebye

  4. New colts motto from pagano. #letshunt

  5. Even though I think peyton is one of the best ever. It will cost 50 million for him and luck. Just start luck era.

  6. Colts to announce new head coach tomorrow night.

  7. Chuck pagano better get the job! @jimirsay

  8. I would be pumped if we hired chuck pagano. #makeithappen #colts

  9. I really hope ravens win. #fthepatriots

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