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  1. Honestly I like taking pictures with athletes more than autographs.

    1. Gramz


      I agree, I much prefer photo oportunities, than just an autograph, but.... having said that, I am enjoying my Autographed Reggie Wayne Helmet... ;-)

    2. southwest1


      Pictures are 1,000 times better than an autograph. You can blow up the image, frame it, & hang it in your Colts Game day den/Sunday War Room.

  2. Ron patterson sighting at hinkle.

  3. Pacers aggressively pursuing Jamal Crawford and Chris Kaman. Look for one of them to be in a pacers uniform after trade deadline. #nbatrades

  4. Just got a picture with victor oladipo and christian watford at the mall. #bejealous #iubb

    1. shecolt


      I am jealous. But, I do have a picture that was taken with Tom Coverdale and A. J. Moye.

  5. Manning has shortened list to denver, arizona, and miami. Announcement of new team tuesday.

    1. Gramz


      I understand HE is interviewing ELWAY right now.....

      I'm hoping for Miami,

    2. southwest1


      Actually Mile High Stadium would be a perfect fit for #18. A stout defense, a fantastic offensive line, a decent secondary, & VP of Football Operations & Hall of Fame QB John Elway knows exactly what Peyton wants protection wise. I like Denver a great deal. Peyton can win easily & quickly here.

  6. Heading to practice. #GRINDTIME

  7. Also just breaking, broncos plan to make massive run at Peyton manning. Elway wants to have a great quarterback to lead his framchise today.

  8. Server was mean and slow service so no tip.

  9. I wish I could watch the press conference. #darn

  10. Wouldn't surprise me at all if we saw like that one guy who protests in front of Lucas oil stadium. #depressingday #newera

  11. That moment when you feel like you need to go to woods to just get away from all of the annoying things and just have it be peaceful.

  12. That last tweet was a joke, haha. Who likes homework?

  13. Winter sports banquet tonight.

  14. Journalism is such an easy class. #boringday

    1. southwest1


      We are mass producing a nation of journalistic lightweights who have no idea how to carry out real investigative reporting anymore. It's all about fame, money, & personal celebrity status.

    2. southwest1


      "Soon there will not be a newspaper. Out in the country, I cannot get the paper delivered. IndyStar.com is horrible." Man this makes me furious!!! Newspapers were the lifeblood of this American Republic as a nation & they must never be allowed to just die out. But sadly, that is exactly what is happening right now. A nation of uninformed citizens...sigh...

    3. BrentMc11


      The only great thing about this "New Journalism" is that we journalists can still 'smell out' a wannabe! Bias was NEVER accepted unless it was an editorial....bias is in every article in 2012!

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  15. Tomorrow will be the most boring day of the school year.

  16. Deron Williams just scored 57! #wow

    1. BrentMc11


      He was recruiting Dwight Howard.

  17. Rugby tournament at colts complex tomorrow. #FSU

  18. 2000 tweet goes out to my family and Hamilton county basketball for making finals week fly by.

  19. Heading to noblesville for sectionals. #goodnight

  20. That entrepreneurship final took 15 minutes! #tooeasy

    1. BrentMc11


      Is that your final answer? That HAD to be easy!!!!

  21. Still in shock being in attendance at that game last night. @thats_G_ has mr. Basketball on lockdown after that shot.

  22. That health final was the easiest final ever

  23. There better be a massive student section tonight. #gameoftheyear

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