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  1. RT @SunDevilSource: Video: Graham says he expects to have Salamo Fiso back for the Cal game, provides updates on Tim White, George Lea http…

  2. "Salamo Fiso is really, really important to our system and what we’re doing." Graham on Fiso's status, and more: https://t.co/BBZ4hsgVcr

  3. RT @SunDevilSource: ASU secondary struggles against NAU passing attack as Butler, Marks record 100-yard games https://t.co/DukCDY7Aj4

  4. RT @SunDevilSource: Tashon Smallwood learned how to lead from Taylor Kelly and Jamil Douglas, and he's following in their footsteps https:/…

  5. RT @SunDevilSource: #Breaking: Local QB product Bryce Perkins considering ASU transfer. Story: https://t.co/BD4wAFOZmQ

  6. RT @SunDevilSource: ASU will move its morning practice to Rumsey Park in Payson today with an approximate start time of 8:30.

  7. RT @hoopshype: When you meet Victor Oladipo at the rim. https://t.co/wuLl37NTPe

  8. RT @WojVerticalNBA: Kevin Durant will sign with Golden State, he writes on the Players Tribune.

  9. Excited to announce that I'll be interning with @SunDevilSource in August. Eager to get this new chapter started.

  10. "I have a lot of respect for Matt. He's a great kid. He's overcome some adversity." - @Pete_Lembo on @11DroppinDimes https://t.co/VFBj2mgnI3

  11. Big news in my opinion, head coach and gm, pagano and grigson were at rg3 pro day. Only qb coach is at luck pro day? Rg3 colt? #qbdrama

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    2. MTC


      Luck will be the pick.

    3. CR91


      luck threw outside in the wind plus threw 70 yards. the colts would be *s not to take him

    4. MIColtsFan


      I think they just want to be sure, after letting Peyton go and all, they better be REAL sure

  12. Was not only one that got it wrong nfl network Michael Lombardi and rich eisenhower were all lied to by tebow camp. #feelbetternow

  13. People who do not believe me, I personally contacted member of tebow camp and dug around and got the news. #ibrokeit #tebowjaguar

  14. 5 colts personnel were at Baylor pro day to watch rg3. Including head coach chuck pagano and qb coach Clyde Christensen. #veryinteresting

    1. CR91


      same thing will happen in stanford's pro day. it means nothing

    2. BrentMc11


      Tomorrow at 11 AM....Stanford...

    3. MAC


      It means that they're doing there jobs.

  15. If Tebow lands with the Jets. That is bad news for Mark Sanchez. One bad game and he is yanked for Tebow. Jets have offered a 5th for him.

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    2. MAC


      Uh, yeah. And I'm a lifelong die (painfully) hard Mets fan.

    3. MAC


      And then there's the Nets drama regarding moving to Brooklyn to compete with the Knicks (but nobody wanting to play for them), and the Devils endless story about usually having a better team than the Rangers playing 20 feet away, but hardly anybody caring. And the Yankees buying championship after championship with the most irritating sense of entitlement imaginable. Sometimes I envy a place like Boston where they just have one team in each sport, and the fans are nuts about all of them.

    4. BrentMc11


      The Nets are a mess too. I love hockey but do not follow...not enough coverage here. I like the Redwings. I used to travel to Detroit all of the time.

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