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  1. While we have been stout against the run, the Ravens present a unique challenge as their entire offense is centered around the read option/triple option game with a dynamic runner in Jackson at qb. This isn’t the typical smash mouth iform or single back, half back dive offense. This is like preparing for a college offense And something that is rarely seen at this level. If we can slow the run and force Jackson to beat us with his arm by staying in the pocket we will have a great shot. Leonard will have to spy Jackson and delay blitz as a second wave in passing situations as he is so dynamic as a runner.

  2. What is happening with Taylor kind of reminds me of what happened with Melvin Gordon in his first year with the Chargers. Coming from Wisconsin Gordon struggled his first year in the NFL looking indecisive and nothing like the game breaker that was seen in college. In year 2 the Chargers brought in his college fullback and went to more Iform Looks where the fullback would guide him to the hole and he would cut off that. All of a sudden Gordon started looking more decisive and he also started becoming more comfortable with shotgun runs as he found a rhythm. 

    The Colts May need to cater the offense more to Taylor in this manner to get him going. Taylor just seems uncomfortable in the scheme and the coaches need to help him get started. Right now he’s running tentatively and not exploding through contact like he showed in college. Additionally the harping on ball security may have taken away some of the instincts to explode into contact thus he is just absorbing hits instead of delivering them himself.

  3. The biggest issue is the play calling on both sides of the ball, but mainly on the defensive side of the ball. We continue playing this vanilla zone that takes away nothing and just leaves every receiver wide open. We basically were destroyed by  a Colt McCoy type qb with limited physical tools because we do not adjust to the opponent defensively to take things away. There’s a reason a guy like Lovie Smith is no longer an NFL head coach. Any avg NFL Qb will shred a soft zone that requires the DBs and linebackers to play 8 yards off. 

  4. 6 hours ago, tikyle said:

    To me it depends totally on scheme.  I've watched every game of Wilson's career (since I'm a Gator) and contrary to popular belief the Gators have run Cover 3 zone for more than a decade now.  So guys like Wilson, Tabor, Hargreaves, Jaylen Watkins, Joe Haden, etc all the way back to perhaps Lito Sheppard have all run that system.  If they ask him to run that and take away 1/3 of the field and not worry about the middle of the field I think he'll be fine.  If he has to play man for the majority of the downs I think you will see a lot of rookie struggles as it will be like learning a new position for him for the most part.

    Agree he is the perfect cover 3 corner if hooker can cover centerfield. 


    Myles Garrett Pro bowler

    Mitch Trubisky Solid starter

    Solomon Thomas solid starter

    Leonard Fournette Pro bowler

    Corey Davis Solid starter

    Jamal Adams Pro bowler

    Mike Williams Solid starter

    Christian McCaffrey Pro bowler 

    John Ross Bust

    Patrick Mahomes Solid starter

    Marshon Lattimore Solid starter

    Deshaun Watson Bust

    Haasan Reddick Solid starter

    Derek Barnett Solid starter

    Malik Hooker Pro bowler

    Marlon Humphrey Bust

    Jonathan Allen Solid starter

    Adoree Jackson Bust

    OJ Howard Bust

    Garrett Bolles Solid starter

    Jarrad Davis Pro bowler

    Charles Harris Solid starter

    Evan Engram Pro bowler

    Gareon Conley Bust

    Jabrill Peppers Pro bowler

    Takk McKinley Bust

    Tre White Solid starter

    Taco Charlton Solid starter

    David Njoku Bust

    TJ Watt Solid starter

    Reuben Foster Pro bowler

    Ryan Ramczyk PB


  6. 52 minutes ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    He shouldn't have been a 1st rounder 2nd maybe but not 1st.


    Hes very similar to John Ross who went very early in the draft last week. He needs to be coached. He needs to perfect route running to reach his potential. He needs to learn to change speed during routes to deceive the defense. He has talent but our coaching staff has shown they have no clue how to use him. Even if you give him a few screens or a drag a game it would be effective. The kid has incredible speed but we choose to just use him on clear outs all game.

  7. 1 hour ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    Kiper is a * anyway saying Hooker is not very good with tackling that like saying Berry from the Chiefs cant tackle and that is awful Kiper and Gruden are both *s for even thinking that.

    They were absolutely right about the tackling. He misses too many tackles. Hes great in coverage but the tackling needs some work. I would say worst case scenario is Jairus Byrd, Reggie  Nelson.

  8. Offense:





    Tak McKinley

    Reuben Foster

    Jarrad Davis (better than Reddick, explosive to the ball and great leadership)

    Jabrill Peppers (best safety in the draft imo. Reminds me of Bob Sanders on tape. We need playmakers anywhere we can find them on D)

    Charles Harris


    DO Not Draft List:

    Marlon Humphrey - does not find the ball. Gets beat deep in college.

    Tre White - Better corners later in the draft IMO. 

    Oj Howard- not a position of need , Evan engram who can be picked later looks like a Jordan Reed clone. 




  9. 3 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    Again, don't want to hear about how Hilton isn't a number 1 receiver anymore. He's top 5 IMO.

    He had an excellent season but I have a very hard time saying he's a top 5 WR. He isn't better than Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, Aj Green, or Mike Evans IMO. I do think he is in the top 10 but I would trade him for any of those 5 in a heartbeat. 


    I also believe that Dorsett's best chance to excel is playing in the slot. Watching how the Steelers utilize Eli Rogers or how the packers utilize Randall Cobb makes me feel Dorsett would do really well in that role if given the opportunity.  We already know Hilton can play on the outside, but Dorsett has yet to show that he can get open consistently on the outside. If we want to maximize our WR productivity, Hilton and moncrief on the outside with Dorsett in the slot the majority of the time is the best option. Dorsett needs the ball in space on crossers and screens (with the occasional deep ball). His RAC ability is something that is being severely underutilized in our current offense. 

  10. 1. Edge Rusher- if you cannot pressure the qb on third and long , you are always going to struggle getting off the field on defense.

    2. Rb- gore has been good, but gore lacks game breaking ability. If you look at the Falcons and cowboys both have weaker defenses that are protected by a strong run game. Currently, if I'm a coordinator against the colts I am never stacking the box because a long run for gore is like 15 yards. A guy like cook can take it to the house on any play. Furthermore, pounding the rock successfully  and allowing luck to throw off playaction is a recipe for a top offense in the NFL. 

    3. Corner- if you cannot rush the passer , you have to be able to cover longer. Vontae's play has been up and down the past two years. You have to start developing another corner. 

    4. MLB- we need more speed at linebacker. We need someone who can go sideline to sideline and make plays. We need someone who can stay within the vicinity of tes and rbs out of the backfield. 

  11. Qb style of play is a factor here. Carr tends to get the ball out very quickly. Luck tends to hold the ball more trying to extend plays. Even when the Raiders were awful, Carr was one of the least sacked qbs. Carr has the Peyton mentality of getting the ball out of his hands. Luck has the Big Ben mentality. 


    Both are excellent young qbs, but Luck's offensive line will always tend to give up more sacks IMO. 

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