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  1. Nadine
    So, you either had something that you just had to post or for some reason, you decided today was the day you stopped and started posting.
    Whatever the reason, welcome! We're glad you're here.
    It can be a bit confusing getting started on any web site.
    Breath deep, it's not as hard as it looks and most everyone here will help you out....Read More
  2. Nadine
    We are modifying our moderation rules for game time, in response to your feedback.
    We will NOT be creating the post game threads. Posters can create post game threads......but please, clearly title them and do not create duplicate topics.
    We WILL continue to lock game time discussions that are created or are occurring anywhere but in the game day thread.
    If you are not familiar with our game day forum, it is here: http://forums.colts.com/forum/14-colts-game-day/
    Moderators create and lock game day threads (at game start and end) in the game day forum. While the thread is live you can reach the most current page of the thread by clicking the Game Day link in the main menu.
    Please help keep the site organized and do NOT create duplicate game time discussions. If you do, they will be locked.
    Hopefully this process will work for everyone. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  3. Nadine
    Nobody likes to be condescended to. Being on the receiving end of patronizing and belittling comments is annoying and frustrating and can be a cause of conflict between members here on the forums.
    Technically this is not against the rules but, if it is persistent and causes ongoing issues then moderation may have to step in.
    However, we think it's important that the people posting make every effort to resolve their own conflicts.
    Some things to think about.........
    (1) Am I condescending? (Do you like to sarcastically talk down to other people in an effort to make them look beneath you? Take this quiz to find out just how condescending you really are!)
    (2) Are I REALLY being condescended to? Just do a reality check. At times I find it interesting here that people do not notice the condescension doled out here on the boards when it is being done by someone they agree with and being done TO SOMEONE they disagree with. And yet, notice it readily when it comes their way
    (3) What can I do to handle condescending posts directed at me?
    There are a lot of choices that can be made here. I get my share of these sorts of comments directed at me and I have found this to be the best way to respond
    What works for you?
  4. Nadine
    I'm excited to see some folks who want to customize their pages here. This can be done!
    To add a picture to your profile Page use the About Me box, there is a link to this on your My Settings Page: http://forums.colts....e&module=usercp
    Everyone can insert up to 4 images on their page. Details in this photo album. Sometimes pictures are much easier.

    I've given examples on my page. : http://forums.colts....user/3-maureen/
    Go ahead and try it out, let me know if you run into problems. it would be great to start seeing some pimped out profiles here. Football fans need BLING!
  5. Nadine
    So, you either had something that you just had to post or for some reason, you decided today was the day you stopped and started posting.
    Whatever the reason, welcome! We're glad you're here.
    It can be a bit confusing getting started on any web site.
    Breath deep, it's not as hard as it looks and most everyone here will help you out.
    To get started, check out your settings
    There are a lot of options there but one you should play with right away are your notification options.
    If you have any questions, please shoot questions to me or any of the Community or Forum Moderators.

    If you have just joined, you belong to the Rookie Group. This is your time to read and reply to threads and get to know the members and how we operate around here. It's also a good time for them to get to know you. If you like, you can make your first post here. Another thread you might want to read and reply to is here: http://forums.colts.com/topic/36427-i-love-this-forum/
    A good rule of thumb is be nice, be civil. Don't be 'that guy'......even if you run into someone who.....well IS that guy. We have all types here, you are not going to like all of them but I'm sure you will find many that you do like.
    Don't expect everyone to be as knowledgable as you. We are casual as well as avid fans here. Don't feel stupid if you are not a football genius. Most of us aren't. Lucky for us there are several here who actually ARE and are more than happy to explains X's, O's and even salary caps.
    Our members are male, female, all age groups, & even fans of other NFL teams. All of these people find ways to get along in real life and we expect the same here.
    Here's another idea, as you read through threads, click the like button. Everybody likes likes. It's a good way to start letting people know you are here.
    Read the rules if you want specifics. We are a moderated site. We aspire always to be a family friendly site. If you violate the rules, you will likely hear from one of the mods. And as you probably heard your mother say "We don't care who started it"
    Rookies have posting restrictions. Please do not take this personally. We do this to catch spammers, trolls, and posters with bad attitudes. This makes for a much more pleasant place for our posters. As a rookie, you may post up to 5 posts per day and all of them must be approved by a moderator before they go live. Don't worry, this only lasts for 10 posts. After your 10th post you belong to the New Member group. New members are pretty much like Members, they just have fewer posts. When you reach 100 posts, you automatically become one of the Members.
    Rookies cannot create threads. But once you graduate to the New Member group, that restriction is lifted.
    Looking forward to your posts!
    Let me know if you have questions. Here's a couple of "how tos' to get you started: http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/blog/1-moderation-and-other-site-topics/
  6. Nadine
    Edgerrin James, joins the Colts ring of honor this Sunday.
    Let's show him some Coltstrong love. Post your message to Edge here.
    Coltstrong braclets to be sent to 10 fans who post a message to Edge! Also, 2 seat cards like the pic below, to two fans who post

  7. Nadine
    In the next week or so, we expect to upgrade our site. You'll still have all the functionality you like, there will be improvements.

    The content editor will be better and faster
    Mobile browsing will be better and faster
    You will be able to mention somebody in a post (for example type @nadine) and that person will receive notification.
    You'll be able to quote just a portion of a post, rather than the whole post (you'll still be able to quote the whole post as usual as well).
    The menu structure will be a little different. It will include a new way to find content called activity streams. You'll have the option to create your own so, you can discussions the way you like.

    We'll all be learning this together and I think it will be just a matter of learning the new functionality, which we can do over time.
    The one thing I wanted to flag for you is this. We will not longer have separate login and display names. If you have changed your display name over time, this will affect you.
    When we change, log in with your current display name. If you've forgotten it, you can request it be emailed to you. So be sure your email address is current (you have access to it)
    I cannot tell you how many times people have lost access to their account because they cannot remember what email address they used.
    That's it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Nadine
    Our home game ticket drawing for the 2014 season is live! We'll be giving away two tickets to every Colts home game.
    Now open for entries: Giants @ Colts preseason game on August 16. Click here to enter.
    Also, we've got some limited edition player posters and schedules to give away so, we've opened one drawing for any Colts swag we've got to give away this year.
    One entry is all you need and you'll be entered into every drawing we have for posters and stuff like that this season.
    To enter that drawing: Click here: http://forums.colts.com/page/Contests/2014%20Posters/main.html
    First drawings for both tickets and posters is this coming monday August 4 Good luck to everyone.and Go Colts!
    As always, membership has it's privileges so you must be a forum member to enter our forum drawings. Registration is free, click here to join the wonderful ColtStrong forums!

  9. Nadine
    Follow this link to enter the drawing for a Reggie bobblehead
    You must be logged in to enter the contests. Joining the forum is free.
  10. Nadine
    <p>Kick-Off Posters to 10 people who post a message to the Team!</p>
    <p><strong>Let's Kick this New Era off!</strong>
    <p>Fire up the Monster for our Home Opener.
    <p><a href="http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/COLTS-VIKINGS-PREVIEW/33368a96-6cf6-4995-9a3a-154b1936d0e5">Post your message to the team here by kickoff.</a>
    <p>Everybody posting their message to the <a href="http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/COLTS-VIKINGS-PREVIEW/33368a96-6cf6-4995-9a3a-154b1936d0e5">Colts-Vikings Preview</a>
    <p>will be entered into a random drawing to win one of 10 Kick Off Posters.</br>
    <p>You must be a member to post, <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register">click here to join</a></p>
    <p><strong>The drawing for two tickets to the Packers Game</strong> is still open, <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/page/Contests/2012HomeTickets/home_game_tickets.html">while you're here be sure to enter!</a></p>
    <p><strong>Upload a photo to the Coltstrong gallery</strong> <a href="http://forums.colts.com/index.php?/page/Contests/coltstrongphoto.html">for a chance at some more Colts stuff!</a></p>
  11. Nadine
    Intentionally misleading or joke threads are not popular here and we do not allow them.
    You may think it's funny to get people to click through to your topic in this way but, most of our site members do not find this funny.
    Similarly......unsubstantiated rumors (without links or reference to any reliable source) are not allowed here.
    For those of you who may be unaware, here is the rule
    17. No Joke/Rumor/Intentionally misleading threads: If you create a thread with an intentionally misleading topic, for example regarding breaking news or any other topic designed to draw in site members with knowingly misleading information, the topic will be removed. It's not funny so, please do not do this.
    More guidelines on posting here:
    Board Rules here:
  12. Nadine
    Enter to win two tickets to Patriots @ Colts here!
    Remember, you must be logged in or else you will not be able to see the drawing page. Registration is free.
    Congrats to today's winners
    Terrij won the Bengals @ Colts tickets!
    Afoolery won the drawing! Mystery prize to be sent! the drawing is still open. Enter once for the season and you are automatically entered in every swag drawing this season!
  13. Nadine
    If you impersonated Colts Players/Personell for a costume party, post them as a tribute!
    It's EASY. Click Here and Drag and drop your entry from your desktop
    • Select it from one of your social media accounts like Facebook or Flickr
    • Video Entries: It's best to upload your video to your youtube account and then import it using the Youtube option on our menu
    • Tweet the photo to @nflcolts along with the #coltsfantribute hashtag
    • Email your entry to colts@olapic.me (your subject line will be used as the title of your entry)
    Check out the entries to the Colts Fan Tribute Gallery so far! http://photos.colts....ts-fan-tributes
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