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  1. Crying... We lost... Crying... Explain to me why I should be a fan... Crying... Demanding that I be explained why I should be a fan... Crying... Me, me, me, me... My sports fan friend will laugh at me, and I can't explain the loss... ... Why is this trash not locked? LOL smh...
  2. You dont have to... Might be better if you didnt. Glad we finally got that resolved
  3. Trolls. Ignorance. And ignorantly feeding trolls... Its not even fun/funny anymore.
  4. Merry Christmas!! This is the best place to talk football in the world. And not just cause it's the Colts either... Y'all are amazing. I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who contributes to such an awesome place. Thank you. Have a day today that is normally only found in ones dreams!
  5. LOL! It was the most appropriate term, I figured, for what I was trying to say lol
  6. Respect. And If he did get in- and balled out- Ill admit I was wrong/unfair to the Swag lol But, Bro... when talking the amount of money hes paid compared to the overall roster... Still change. IMO... that really doesnt mean that much...
  7. What up ES! I love our talks, BTW, truly! I do hope you know that! But to address the bolded... 1) You and I BOTH KNOW that that is NOT going to be the reality... Come on, man lol 2/3) Why did we keep P. Walker so long then? Practice arms are practice arms... NOT ALL PS players are waiting to be discovered as legit performers... Most are just what they are... Practice Bodies
  8. I just have a question- on this never ending topic... *And I know that the question could be spun- And Ill address that soon... What If Kelly goes in and hes Curtis Painter 2.0? *The reverse- He rocks out.... Great. The Swagpound was right, and the Colts are winning. Id eat that crow gladly... But what if dude BOMBS!!!!! Then where are the goalposts going to be moved to? Oh well they set him up to fail by waiting so long Oh well they set him up to fail by backing JB publicly over him Oh well of course he failed wheres the talent
  9. I try to stay out of speculation and wishing... But * man this would be sooooo sick!... DJ and Mack as the 1 and 2... with our OL... Thatd be sick
  10. Awe... Ive missed all these roaches that scurry when the lights are on lol... Good thing Colts left the lights off the past few weeks... otherwise these posters may have finally left for good! We couldnt have that! Then where would we get our daily dose of laughter from? I think you should say that to Big Q face... chicken?
  11. I laughed way too hard reading your story lol. This needs to be a movie. ... You think the underdogs are going to win, but then they get demolished by the Monstars lol You are far more knowledgeable than me, that's for sure. I used to be much more on my review game. It's all I did lol. But sadly, now a days... I'm only, and just... A Sunday spectator lol *And I guess Mon, Thur, and at times Sat... ... You know what I mean lol
  12. 1st Bold- Very, very fair point. And I for sure will look to watch some of those highlights this evening... Ive purposefully NOT reviewed much of him... just because of all the jock strap swingers that showed up in the PS crowning him then and there as the next great thing... I refused to humor it lol 2nd Bold- You are FAR more rational than I am, my friend!!! lmao... Cause I def thought we could back in the day lol 3rd Bold- Hmm... you know... I might not bet against you on that lol
  13. My own experiences in the world of football are what make it really hard for me to accept any sort of comp like this... If youll allow me to be "that guy" for a moment to explain... I was a part of a 4 time repeating 5A state championship IHSAA program... technically only 3 of those... the first one was when I was in 8th grade lol... But Ill use the last of the 4 peat teams- 2007- as my example... That team was LOADED with D1 NCAA talent... there were more than 12 players that signed day 1 of national signing day... I figured that, that team woul
  14. I can agree with the bolded for sure! To me- this is what would make or break ANY prospects of Swagmatic staying in the blue... He looked good against PS comp... but as do many PS phenoms that ONLY do it in the PS... I want to see him with the 1s... If we were at the point that there is nothing really left to lose... Was he throwing good balls into tight windows because of his arm... or because of the step-slower 2s/3s on the defense... can he still make those throws against STARTING LEVEL D? Was he able to make moves in the
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