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  1. Awe... Ive missed all these roaches that scurry when the lights are on lol... Good thing Colts left the lights off the past few weeks... otherwise these posters may have finally left for good! We couldnt have that! Then where would we get our daily dose of laughter from? I think you should say that to Big Q face... chicken?
  2. I laughed way too hard reading your story lol. This needs to be a movie. ... You think the underdogs are going to win, but then they get demolished by the Monstars lol You are far more knowledgeable than me, that's for sure. I used to be much more on my review game. It's all I did lol. But sadly, now a days... I'm only, and just... A Sunday spectator lol *And I guess Mon, Thur, and at times Sat... ... You know what I mean lol
  3. 1st Bold- Very, very fair point. And I for sure will look to watch some of those highlights this evening... Ive purposefully NOT reviewed much of him... just because of all the jock strap swingers that showed up in the PS crowning him then and there as the next great thing... I refused to humor it lol 2nd Bold- You are FAR more rational than I am, my friend!!! lmao... Cause I def thought we could back in the day lol 3rd Bold- Hmm... you know... I might not bet against you on that lol
  4. My own experiences in the world of football are what make it really hard for me to accept any sort of comp like this... If youll allow me to be "that guy" for a moment to explain... I was a part of a 4 time repeating 5A state championship IHSAA program... technically only 3 of those... the first one was when I was in 8th grade lol... But Ill use the last of the 4 peat teams- 2007- as my example... That team was LOADED with D1 NCAA talent... there were more than 12 players that signed day 1 of national signing day... I figured that, that team would stack up, and beat, most college teams... After graduating HS, I went to be an on scholarship coach at a prominent NAIA school in the state... Day 1 of Spring Training Observations... This small, NAIA school... would WIPE THE FLOOR with my old HS teams... even if taking just the best players from each year to make 1 team... The NAIA school still wins. No question... Now thats just NAIA... D2 and D1 schools made my NAIA school look like my old HS teams... ... So I get it... Bama is a huge program that gets many players ready to produce at the NFL level... But there is still a jump up the ladder in comp... And college success DOES NOT AT ALL mean that an individual player is a lock to ball out because of what they did at the level below... TED talk is over... Thank you for listening Edit to add clarity... I know you said may not translate not will translate... so please dont think the end of my ted talk is implying you said something you did not lol
  5. I can agree with the bolded for sure! To me- this is what would make or break ANY prospects of Swagmatic staying in the blue... He looked good against PS comp... but as do many PS phenoms that ONLY do it in the PS... I want to see him with the 1s... If we were at the point that there is nothing really left to lose... Was he throwing good balls into tight windows because of his arm... or because of the step-slower 2s/3s on the defense... can he still make those throws against STARTING LEVEL D? Was he able to make moves in the pocket, and show some running ability because he's actually a solid mobile QB... or because the 2s/3s on the DL he was playing against are slower/less aware than the 1s would have been? He showed me, personally, that he can play the game... but that still doesnt mean that he can compete in this game... Hence my curiosity lol
  6. I feel that for sure. I really dont see him seeing the field still. Baring injury to JB and BH. Which honestly, is for the best in the pursuits of the post season. If were out the playoffs... I still think its more worth it to evaluate JB throughout the full season before moving into the offseason. The bolded is the biggest area of agreement with us here.... At this point- I am just really curious to see what he does against REAL competition at this level... NOT PreSea comp... Its getting harder for me to talk smack just because of that curiosity that is creeping in lol. Like you... Im interested to see if hes actually worth the spot on the 53... or if this circus has no purpose...
  7. No argument from me at all lol! Id even admit I was wrong In doubting hed ever see the field... and for talking a decent amount of smack about him lol... And itd be worth it... ... Cause yea- the memes and gifs would be the types to keep on giving for far too long lmao! Edit: typo that i couldnt let be
  8. Such conviction... I like it... I want this WR too
  9. My God, you're right... It's a conspiracy, man. If Reich know tha hez company loyal to stand by the nonsense and the obvimously lack of talent an holes on diz roster then then he knows that if he shows JB can't reaf his progrezions den the opposing teams will have the advantage! Reich try to tank for a top 10 pick! We all know it! BACK TO THE PILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *I lost today's internal battle, because of my brother to the north... A certain south park song I am dieing to use as justification
  10. Humility is on the path to enlightenment... Some-ish like that... I try and remind myself daily lol
  11. Bless you... Bless you. I am really trying not to poke bears today... The itch was so strong... You were my Neosporin. Thank you.
  12. Mistakes happen... the bolded were bolded to show YOU that EVERYONE can EASILY make mistakes... 1 post- we lost cause jb was out 2nd post- we didnt lose cause jb was out- it was cause ty was out 3rd post- the injuries didnt matter, we lost cause reich doesnt care 4th post- reich might care, but i dont think he shows it enough, we just arent good 5th post- we are good enough its just a combination of ALL the injuries 6th post- injuries are part of the game! its AV fault! 7th post- wed be 7-2 if it wasnt for only AV 8th post- they didnt fire AV so im back to blaming Reich and Ballard 9th post- they worked out Ks and none were better, so its best to not fire AV... the colts just arent good 10th post- the colts are good but missing jb and so it all begins again... THESE examples of the way you post-vomit are used to show YOU that the way YOU flip flop is worse than the NFL on how to handle punishment for off field issues edited... i tried to leave in more typos to show mistakes happen... but i left too many and it bugged me... so i fixed some... tried to leave others
  13. O...M...G.... Please stop caring... please?
  14. I respect you, and that, fully. To answer your question, no I cannot. And as a factual statement, again yes, I agree that 14 > 28th pick. No argument there. We all want the same things brother ;)
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