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  1. Highlights of Manning’s motion for summary judgment in defamation case Posted by Mike Florio on February 20, 2016, 11:13 AM EST The 74-page document published six days ago by the New York Daily News told only one side of the lawsuit filed by Jamie Naughright against Peyton Manning and others for defamation of character. Naughright’s lawyers crafted the 74-page document to stave off Manning’s “motion for summary judgment,” a common tool in civil litigation aimed at persuading a judge to find that a case can be resolved without putting any factual disputes in front of a jury.
  2. If you're going to give your two cents, maybe read up on it.
  3. So it's alright for for a person who signed an affidavit in the original documents, can go back and make changes? Somehow that person is more believable? She got her settlement for $300K and continued to work there for another year and 9 months. Just because an institution settle, doesn't make them guilty. She has a vulgar and filthy mouth.
  4. Shaun King is a hack when Mike Florio and Jason Whitlock are writing pro Manning articles. They are not known to be fans of PM.
  5. Saxon is more believable? Peyton's story has been consistent. You already form your own agenda. So don't waste people's time
  6. Go and do your own research. Lazy people
  7. Nice of Bayone to research it for lazy people.
  8. Look it up. You do your own research.
  9. Why does Peyton needs to apologize something that happened 20 years ago? There was a settlement and he probably did.
  10. Peyton's affidavit https://mgtvwate.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/peytonmanningaffidavit.pdf
  11. Let's make this clear. Shaun King is a fraud that set up charities to collect money from Black Lives Matter's victims. He also collected money for Haitian family. However, he pocketed most of the money. He was going to launch a website called justicetogether.com to stop police brutality and asking for money. Hyping it up but it was never launch. By the way, Shaun is a white man who lies about his identity. When his identity and fraudulent were revealed, he deleted over 70,000 tweets from his Twitter account. It seems fishy to delete that many tweets.
  12. Thought PM was cool with Mora. Super Bowl weekend PM said Mora texted him and wishes him luck,
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