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  1. was just being a little sarcastic....
  2. Wouldn't all these trade possibilities be assuming that there are guaranteed elite / franchise QB's in this draft? most the player being talked about trading are pretty outstanding players that have been the force that has elevated this team. Unless you can trade to the Jags I doubt the risk is worth the trade ...
  3. If the new coach wants his own people in. Then since we would pay the ones hired anyway just use them as consultants.
  4. If Brissett does not learn to (or Start) sliding on his runs . We will be back with tolzine /Walker before the end of the season...
  5. I noticed the clock after Andre caught the ball in the 4th (around 8:48) stopped after he ran out of bounds . but the started again 3-4 seconds later and ran till the next play was dead . I always thought when you run out of bounds the clock stops till the play starts... Am I wrong . it wasted about 40sec. off the clock ..
  6. Even if he get the ball out fast I'd still like to see Sio knock him on his butt...
  7. Well if luck don't play They would have to find a different back up to Hasselback. Johnson was signed by the Bills...
  8. Re watching the play . It does look like toler is trying to keep everyone away from the jump ball for some odd reason . he wasn't even facing the incoming ball he looked like he was trying to block his own players from it (obviously he wouldn't do that )... I think Moncrief or Johnson could have stopped the catch..
  9. Could we not have put in our tallest receivers as end zone defenders. for what was obviously going to be a jump ball...
  10. I Yes I have an opinion and so I'm a troll . I'll just stay off your forum .I really forgot Davis was playing Injured so I was a little hard on him .. and perhaps even Toler . I am and will always be a colts fan And you'll always be the speech police .... I am very happy we won the game... I'll just go back to reading..(I know your happy now)
  11. I root for the Colts no matter what or who they play ... win or lose Still a fan... Perhaps I didn't word my original post correctly . It was a bit of satire . If we can work on the defense I do think we have a chance. But Brady is no Hoyer.. Anyway they won and I'm happy for that and can't wait to see how Luck handles the Offense who seems to have shaped up quite a bit.... ...
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