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  1. I got a bold prediction for ya. The NFL goes bankrupt in less than 2 years. Go play in China ya communist racist America hating trash. 

    I told you people, I freaking warned y’all straight up. The first season those racist little babies took a knee, I quit. I quit right then and never came back. I begged y’all to stop this. I begged y’all to boycott, but many of you didn’t see the storm brewing.

    .....and here we are. Your sick, twisted little butt kissing sport is dead.  #boycottnfl





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  2. Can we strip 7 points from NO for getting that spectacular interception called back on an iffy defensive holding call on our LB? Can we strip more points away after that fumble recovery was stolen away from us on a NO TD drive? 


    Anywho.... it should be considered that the NO DB couldn't find his sea-legs because he was aboard the USS Hilton, a shifty and difficult breakout receiver to cover. 

  3. We know what this guys skill set is, we've seen how incredible he can be. This whole team is in a funk and it's a dysfunction we've seen building for a few years now. For whatever reasons one may wish to attach, Bruce Arians was far more suited toward Luck's strengths. 


    It doesn't appear we're going to have a successful season, and with that will come a great deal of change. I would go so far as to say our QB is one of the few cores on this team we need to keep faith in and trust. 

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