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  1. In all fairness the only time the Colts looked anything close to normal. Or the Colts actually moved the ball close to what A Luck, and P Manning was in the pre-season with C Kelly. And no I am not comparing Kelly with Manning or Luck. I’m just saying, C Kelly moves the ball. After this last season I hope the Colts draft a QB at 13. And let that QB and Kelly both have an equal shot at starting this year. Because JB is not the answer at all. Is it doable—-Kelly is on the league minimum and whatever rookie you bring in will be on a rookie contract
  2. Looking at the state of the team and the state of the fan base. This year is a draft the Colts can’t afford to get wrong. I compare getting a QB (I hope they actually do) is like buying a house or a home. you can get shoes online, clothes online, even furniture online. But when you are getting a house, a home. You go to walk through it. Look at inspection reports. Look at neighborhood it sits on just to name a few. Getting a QB you will personally check him out not one time, but many times. You bring other coaches and scouts to check him out. I hope this guy is the answer this draft
  3. I like what I saw out of Jordan Love yesterday. His ball placement on the deep throw was excellent even though the receiver dropped the pass. His decision making is pretty quick. If option one is covered, he quickly throwing to other options. I know that reading all these comments that it seems like we are split down the middle when it comes to him. Outside of pick #1. There are reasons to pick the guy and there are enough reasons for someone to talk you out of that pick. The same could be said of Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes when they came out. But the question should be is Jordan Love better than JB. And the answer to that is yes. If the Colts pick him at 13. I don’t see him sitting the bench long. I see him out playing JB from the start of TC. And if you thought the noise from the fan base for Chad Kelly was loud. It will be even louder if they select Jordan Love at 13
  4. If this wasn’t all on Jacoby. Whoever this was on including Jacoby needs to go
  5. IF You thought the noise for Chad Kelly was loud. Wait until the Colts do like they should and draft a QB in the first round of the 2020 draft. And Jacoby playing like he has this year.
  6. I thought they would at least play Chad to see what they may have in him (I don’t know if he was active today or not). But I guess it is Jacoby until the bitter end. I hope the experiment is over. This is exactly what I knew was going to happen when Jacoby was named the QB
  7. No Kenny Moore, Desir is playing hurt. What does mean for your defense. The coach has to cover for them not being fully healthy by playing Zones. The personal that is playing should not be dressing, let alone playing. When the opposing Defense doesn’t feel threatened by QB1 they will take chances. If that was Luck back there. There’s no way The Saints or anybody is loading the box like they have against Jacoby. What I’m trying to say you can have the Steel Curtain as your defense in this day and age with a QB like Jacoby. By the end of season that Steel Curtain will turn into plastic mini blinds
  8. The 29 of 30 the Colts defense is not to blame for that. I place that on Jacoby alone. No NFL defense can withstand the pressure Jacoby has put this defense under. Let me explain during the NFL combine in February. The linemen are doing the bench press. During the first 20 those guys are benching pretty fast (normal circumstances). When they get to 30 reps they slow down. If they can make it to 40 they are straining and struggling, because they are tired. If they don’t quit this is when injuries occur (not normal circumstances). This is exactly what is happening to the Colts Defense. Who stopping Drew Brees? He dropped 46 last week. But when you have a 6 minute drive, 7 and 8 minute drive. And your QB1 is three and out, repeatedly your defense is in (not normal circumstances). The results are what happened last night. This defense doesn’t have time to look at a play diagrams, much less to get a drink of water before they’re having to go back into the game. Because the play of QB1 is not good at all. Is he hurt? Or is he not able to get it done? I don’t know but something up. This draft get QB1 and WR1 right. I don’t care if they have to give the whole draft away. Please get those two positions right. Because as you can see value picks (undrafted free agents, 6th and 7th rounders) in those two positions most of the time especially in Indy will get you embarrassed in this league
  9. The defense is not the problem. The Saints dropped 46 last week. At times the Defense looks bad is because they been out there too long. The offense should be pretty fresh after this game because they was hardly out there. Watching Jacoby tonight was like watching Vinny kick this year. How many more games do they start Jacoby performing like this? Jacoby is the problem hands down now. And will be for the next 18 games, if they don’t bring another QB in here.
  10. Since the dawn of time Colts fans want to know what makes JaKoby so UNSTOPPABLE? What makes his deep ball so unstoppable? What makes his crossing patterns, his post patterns so unstoppable? What makes his overall unstoppable-ness so unstoppable? We may never know. But in not knowing, the unknowable HAS BECOME UNSTOPPABLE. Just think after tonight Indy has another 18 games of this unstoppable-ness
  11. Jacoby is really lighting it up in the first half. Five completions for 69 yards. He looks unstoppable
  12. I give Chris Ballard a pass this year. When QB-1 was as good as Luck was. It not only helps your scoring average, It also impacts your Defense as well. When QB-1 struggles as JB has this year. It will have a negative impact on your Defense. As we see today. I have a feeling that Chris has something up this off season. After today I’m looking forward to next year
  13. I think this team has finally reached its breaking point. When your number one QB retires as he did. Our number one WR is hurt. Our DB’s are limited because of injuries. Our coaching staff limited because of the lack of A-1 talent. You put so much stress on the remaining few good players you have left. They will eventually break. My Colts gave it all, but it wasn’t meant to be this year. At this point they need to look ahead to the off season. Some changes need to be made. WR-1 (Ty has I think less than 400 receiving yards this year- this late in the season) QB-1 (Jacoby is very, very limited see the game plans lately). If they don’t address nothing else in the 2020 draft. Please, Please, Please get QB-1 and WR-1 right
  14. There is two glaring needs with this team. I mean it so obvious, but will they address them or will it be business as usual. Number one QB-1. Sorry Jacoby is not the answer. Why is he not throwing the ball downfield? Are they not calling these downfield passing plays? Is he physically hurt? Is his feelings hurt? I don’t know, but he’s not the answer. Number two WR-1. Ty is the man when healthy. But the last few seasons Ty injuries are fatal to this team. And it seems like every year it is getting worse. Upgrades are needed in right guard and pass rush. But those guys are not improving the 52 yards by WR group
  15. These games should be try-outs for next season. QB-1 would get cut if there was real competition at that position. If you are not going to play C Kelly and I get it. Do him like you did your Hall of Fame kicker. Bring in competition to wake him up
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