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  1. I think the Colts may have found the number 2 WR. They have been searching for. Please forgive me but reminds me of a young Reggie Wayne before he became a star
  2. Frank put in work tonight. Houston was money. And the rookies, that what I’m talking about. Yes I thought this was going to be a blow out. So I’m eating crow, with some dried out cornbread and a side of peas
  3. Well it’s my turn. I thought Indy was going to get boat raced. Boy was I wrong. And I tell you crow has never tasted so good
  4. I don’t care how fast you are, or how well you can play. If 340, 350 put their hands on you—game over. This is what happened last week and what will happen if the Colts don’t start signing some 320, 330, to 340lbs DT’s. We will a whole D backfield in concussion protocol. If they put some real weight on the line Dauris is quick enough to really make the difference for this team. Today signing is a step in the right direction. But it should not be the last
  5. I hope I am wrong. But I see a head kicking coming this Sunday Night in KC. Maybe after seeing this Nationally televised boat racing KC is about to drop on the Colts. Maybe Chris B will rethink how to construct the D Line
  6. The problem with the Colts Defense is how the Defensive Line is constructed. You can not win a HEAVYWEIGHT FIGHT with lightweight players. The Colts got rid of their heavier DT’s, in order to get faster. But this has backfired badly, because that type of line opens our LB’s and Safeties up for injuries
  7. I don’t think they will give Chad Kelly a chance seeing how much the Colts paid Jacoby. But the Colts should because Kelly is a better QB. Jacoby is really a 20 points and 250 yards per game QB. And unlike A Luck, nobody in this league sees him as being a real threat in this backfield. How many total pass yards the Colts had at the end of the first quarter—-5 yards.
  8. So far Chad checked all the boxes. Practice first to show up and last to leave—check. In the daily grind (will throw to any receiver available)—-check. Preseason games against third and fourth stringers—check. Against second stringers when the defenses across the board is vanilla—-check. (Good QB’s shine against vanilla defenses, but if the QB struggles that’s a bad sign). I don’t think this year is his year. He has a lot to learn about this offense. This is the next box he needs to check. But look at who will be training him this year. If Chad was coming out in the draft next year how high do you think he would go. He’s not Trevor L from Clemson, but I don’t think he’s too far behind either. If this young man can stay on the up and up. I see a very Intense TC battle next year.
  9. Yes it is Jacoby time. And yes the Colts are still my team. The fan in me wish Andrew would have played this year. But I understand, get healthy Andrew. As for how the national media portray this fan base for booing at the game Saturday is highly inappropriate. You can say want but given the right circumstances. All of us, any of will boo. Case in point you spend your hard earned money to go to a concert to see your favorite music performer. The place is packed and two minutes before the show they announce the artist isn’t coming. And they don’t tell you why. There will be no refunds, that crowd will boo. I’m looking forward to this year. I wear my blue and white respectfully
  10. After seeing this whole Andrew Luck episode play out and the dust is starting to clear. What do Colts Nation want in the next QB? I would like to see a player that is Technically sound, intelligent, hungry for success, and can make the 4 or 5 plays to win the game.
  11. We will find out about Jacoby in the first five games. This will be a test of only a NFL quality starter can pass. This team is ready to roll. The only question is the starting QB. If the Colts are in the QB search come the upcoming draft. I think with Chris Ballard and Frank. They will pinpoint the next great QB, someone they can easily develop and I do not think they will have to pick in the top five to do it With this whole Luck situation I keep going back to what Chris Ballard had to say about Josh McDaniels going back to New England. Are you in or are you out? I maybe wrong but I speculate that he may have said that to Andrew. (remember the Aug 26 deadline before last Saturday Adam bomb) I don’t think that CB is the type of GM that will beg anyone to play here that doesn’t want to be here. I think they will draft someone who wants to be here. That will make the fan base forget about number 12. There is nobody in this fan base missing Josh McDaniels
  12. Congrats to Andrew Luck. Thank you for playing for Indy. I understand a body and mind can only take so much pain. Personally my pain tolerance is not that high. How do you leave, how do you say goodbye? I wish that young man long life, and good health. Get healthy and live your life. This is shocking to say the least as a Indy fan. But the Colts are going to be OK. It may take a little while but we will rise again.
  13. Who is this Chad Kelly? Number 6 is really shining right about now
  14. I wish, I hope I am wrong about Brissett. And I will be the first to post if I am wrong. But his play so far has to improve
  15. No I am not an overeactor, I am just a Colts fan voicing my opinion. Some fans drop thousands on season tickets, some buy the cable nfl package. Some dress up from head to toes, some just sport a tee shirt. Regardless of where you or I stand. At the end of the day we all are fans of the same team that wants to see this team beat that sorry team up in Boston. I hope we agree on that one
  16. My apology’s, that is my opinion, based off the way this team ended last year, and I’m not talking about KC. The upgrades at talent at every position except Backup QB. And a healthy Andrew Luck. I thought this team was ready to roll. But this injury has really changed my mind
  17. For this team. That is one good healthy QB from going on a Super bowl run yes, exactly. Brissett is a pretty cool guy. But he is not that good on game day and practice. 2017 I get that he was going to struggle. But in practice this year. No pass rush. He is struggling bad. Andrew before his current calf strain. Was craving that same defense up. There needs to be a major upgrade in the backup QB position
  18. Brissett is not terrible, but he is not that good. Top 20 in this league please. One thing that will get tested if Luck doesn’t play this year is that wonderful locker room culture. Here is looking forward to 2021 if Luck doesn’t play. Let the end of the year song play HAD A BAD DAY.
  19. I hope Luck plays, 65% of Luck is better than 100% of Jacoby. And what happens if he gets hurt? I’m just saying.
  20. I agree with you. I don’t think he plays week one. I think he is really trying to get healthy And I can see that this is really bothering him. I think they should shut Luck down and see what is the issue and fix it. Because he really stands a chance of creating way more health issues than he currently has if he tries to play on it
  21. True, every Colts fan knows this. They are just one good healthy QB from a Super bowl run. Luck is good but he is not healthy. PW, and JB are healthy but they are not that good. With this schedule the Colts need to average at least 28 a game to have a chance. And our backup QB’s don’t have 28 points in them at all. More like 275 yards and 2 to 3 interceptions per game (practice will attest to that). The Colts season this year hedges on the health of Andrew bottom line
  22. Chris has created competition at position except QB. With this looking more and more like a long lost season (JB is not that good). I think it is a very good time to spend a high draft pick on a QB in this next draft. That will do two things. Give the Colts stability at the QB position whether Luck is there or not. Take the pressure off of Luck. The body can only take so many hits. And unfortunately Chris (no fault to him) may have been a little too late in building a team around him. The team is here. But Luck may be damage beyond repair (once this is repaired, something else is wrong or broken every year it’s something different). JB is a 3rd QB at best. PW is not any better. With those two and no Andrew. The Colts will be picking in the top 5 in the next draft easy
  23. Exactly, some guys will melt under the game day lights of the NFL. I will try to watch every play. Because each and every year somebody is going to really play well that nobody on this board saw coming.
  24. I know how Chester will perform on game day. He has been trending up since the end of last year. But I am real interested to see how the new guys will perform on game day when the plays are not scripted. Everybody should do good in practice, but game day, when the unexpected happens, only 5 days away, can’t wait.
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