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  1. It depends, if they continue to have QB1 play like that and we continue to lose-YES. If he can play good enough to win games No. A Luck really destroyed this franchise for the foreseeable future with that decision last year. Coaches and front office people normally lose their jobs over that one. And strange enough they are still paying the guy. If or when they make that move we might as well kiss this season good bye. Because that move tears a locker room down quickly.
  2. I get that Rivers gets rid of the ball quickly, and That L Clark was going against a pro bowler, and he did the best he could. But truth be told their d line used him like a ATM machine. They didn’t attack him every play, but they was very selective when they did. In which may have led to the 9 points the Colts gave them. The bottom line either these players can’t play or these coaches can’t coach. We are not talking about pop warner players. We are talking about players that have been to college. How hard is it to run 5 to 7 yard pattern? Is it the physical pounding these guys are afraid
  3. I question the coaching that the Colts currently have. Year after year they keep players that can’t seem to coach or can’t play effectively on game day. Zach Pascal and AD is an exception but not the rule. And how is L Clark still on the team? Even though the Colts are 3-2 now. After last week and looking at the schedule. It looks like this team is heading towards another long season. Here a thought, why don’t they have tryouts with the remaining players on this team including practice squad players for next year team. The Colts seems to have a lot of good practice players or training
  4. True, True, true AC is not the player he use to be. This can explain the bad o-line play this year. The same can be said of TY Hilton. Couple this with injuries has this team in a very fragile position this year. How do they address this, this off season. Left Tackle ok, but your WR room is in bad shape. WR ok, but your O-line is horrible with L Clark. Rivers had a bad game. But if Jacoby was back there. The browns would have dropped 50 on the Colts
  5. 1. This is his third year 2.Nothing, but he was injured 3. This is Fountain chance, will he produce? I don’t know. If he can, that’s great for the Colts. If he can’t then he won’t be here for long. 4. One thing is for sure. The talent level on this team has improved. And it is getting better
  6. Hey I’m interested to see what Fountain brings to the Colts on game day. Pittman is having a slow start to his pro career. But I must say concerning Pittman in last week game. Two targets and two catches. You can only produce when your number is called and the ball is thrown your way. This while only for 10 yards, gives Colts nation a small preview of his ability once he gets up to speed with everything. He can produce when called upon.
  7. But starting a rookie RB has been carried out in Dallas, LA, New York, and currently in Baltimore, and KC. I think Taylor will be alright considering Taylor is on par with any of the running backs in those cities in their initial starts
  8. I think Taylor will be just fine with the workload of RB 1 position, even though it goes against the Colts and the way they do things nowadays. But there was a player by the name of James that played as RB1 that use to play here that wasn’t too bad either. I think the Colts got a very speedy back in Taylor
  9. I hope they make the Pittman adjustment with more targets going forward. At this point Ty is the top WR, but I think by the end of the season I think another will surpass him.
  10. This DC and his play calling or the lack thereof may get Frank on the hot seat. A 19 of 20 performance will normally get you wind-sprints the next practice. This soft zone is disturbing Rivers will be alright at QB. If the Colts didn’t have him. This game would have been a blow out. Rivers is a real threat and the defense plays him accordingly I am interested to see what adjustments Frank and Rivers makes this week. I have a bad feeling the Colts secondary will make none, but we’ll see
  11. Colin K was never disrespecting the flag. It was to bring awareness to the issue that we have been dealing with for a long time. In this time we tend to look symptoms of a problem instead of the root of the problem. Nobody cared to or look at why he was kneeling. Get to the root of the problem so we can all stand together. As the leader of men I expected more from Drew
  12. Bringing Rivers in here makes this team interesting again immediately. Not only here but nation wide as well. Slow starts should be a thing of the past. And because of Rivers style of play. The Colts should be more fiery and hyped. Instead of calm and boring.
  13. I give this draft a ( B ). There is enough things on each and everyone to pick apart. But I like this draft. One thing I can say about this team is they are trending up. The Jonathan Taylor pick will actually improve Marlon Mack. Case in point a lot of games last year Marlon is having his typical 40 to 50 yard first half. Then the Colts replace him with Jordan W. And he breaks a run for 50 to 60 yard run- only to be caught from behind. There won’t happen with Taylor this year. Also picture this 8 minutes to go in the 4th. Colts up by 8 points. Big Q is pulling, followed by lead bl
  14. Dezmon Patmon WR 6-4 228, 4.48 40 yard dash speed from Washington State was the Colts 6th round pick. The competition/the battle to make this team this fall should be worth watching. I’m really liking this draft class
  15. This draft was awesome to say the least. One sneaky, undercover, and very under rated move the Colts did. That might be one of the top 5 moves this offseason was bringing in the fullback from Pittsburgh. With Roosevelt Nix, Jonathan Taylor, and Big Q. They will be closing many games out this year. With Phil Rivers and this receiving room. Slow starts should be a thing of the past.If Pittman comes in hungry and motivated. I can’t see how one CB will stop him
  16. I could be wrong but I think the final 53 man roster number will increase due to the new CBA the players just agreed to
  17. I said that because, there is no perfect Rookie QB. Just like one can find Eason throwing int’s. You can find flaws in everybody game on the college level. Lamar Jackson wasn’t a pocket passer/running QB. Patrick Mahomes comes from a run and shoot /college only offense. But those guys turned out OK with NFL coaching. I would like to see a true competition for that backup position this year.
  18. Man, this is looking like the truth. I tell you if I was on the bottom end of the WR room and the roster. I would spend as much time as I could with Eason and Kelly. Because they look like the future of this team
  19. With that mind set. Joe Burrows (Number 1 pick) couldn’t beat Jacoby out this fall. After seeing what Jacoby did and didn’t do last year is enough to show this fan base he is not the one.
  20. The question that needs to be asked is this a true competition for the backup QB position. Or did Frank just GIVE that to Jacoby as a courtesy. Because if this is a true competition, between Jacoby, Chad, and Easton. He (Jacoby) might be in trouble this fall. I would like to see how each one looks with the number one O-line. Jacoby should have an advantage because he knows the play book. But his problem is when he has to go off script.
  21. I thought the Colts was in win now mode, all in mode.
  22. No, Jacoby is a safe QB. And that QB may allow you to beat a good team every now and then. But will get you beat against teams that they should blow out. I don’t think he’s the best QB on the roster. But he has been here the longest and has put in his dues. So he deserves a shot this year. But I think the Colts should draft another QB early in the 2020 draft. 70 yards passing in the first half (that’s disturbing)
  23. This guy put me in mind of a young Richard Sherman of Seattle. From his combine numbers to his confidence/attitude. For someone who can only run 4.56, (outside of last year) he seems to be doing pretty well at CB in the Seattle. I think the same will be said of Quincy W. one day.
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