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  1. I have a feeling they may go for two of them. If they don't trade out. Maybe Higgins at 34 then Pittman at 44. I was also thinking Mims may be an options as well.
  2. Who does everyone say we take tonight? Trade back or forward; with who? Any good guesses? My three picks today gonna be a little different. I've noticed Ballard normally likes to double up on positions throughout the draft. 34 Tee Higgins - Get a bigger body receiver for Rivers and it's our biggest position of need imo. 44 Michael Pittman Jr or Denzel Mims - Getting another receiver in hopes of not hearing receiver being a position of need for the next three years with a hopeful extension for TY. Then we have Campbell, Higgins, and Pittman (or Mims) for 3 more years+. 75 Robert Hunt G/T - Lets get some line depth with Haeg leaving.
  3. WR: Hilton Jeudy Gandy-Golden Campbell Pascal Johnson TE: Hooper Doyle Ali-Cox
  4. I got a feeling he is going to spend some money this offseason. Cap Space: 71M Resign/Cut : 4M Hunt Save 4M We sign a real NT in FA Le'Raven Clark - 2years/4M Depth Geathers SS - 2years/4M - Bring him back to maintain culture and for depth Haeg OG - 3years/9M - a good depth lineman will have to overpay because line is too goo Johnson WR - 1year/1M - homegrown talent give him another year shot has potential Cap Space: 67M FA: 39M Jadeveon Clowney Edge - 5years/95M I've seen a couple reports linking us together. He would be an immediate upgrade plus he can stop the run on the way to the quarterback. Austin Hooper TE - 4years/36M Replacement for ebron but a better blocker and more reliable hand to catch with. D.J. Reader - 4years/44M Finally a solid NT/1T/3T(if needed); something we haven't had in quite a while. He has played in a 3-4 so it should be a easier transition. Cap Space : 28M Draft - As always just a draft from first-pick I did two this time so take your pick 13: R1P13 DL JAVON KINLAW SOUTH CAROLINA 34: R2P2 WR LAVISKA SHENAULT JR. COLORADO 44: R2P12 DL NEVILLE GALLIMORE OKLAHOMA 75: R3P11 WR K.J. HILL OHIO STATE 122: R4P16 G SHANE LEMIEUX OREGON 160: R5P14 OT TREY ADAMS WASHINGTON 193: R6P14 CB REGGIE ROBINSON II TULSA 197: R6P18 CB TRAJAN BANDY Colts 2 deep: Draft 1 Draft 2 QB Brissett Love Brissett Hoyer RB Mack Hines Mack Hines WR1 Hilton Gandy-Golden Hilton Campbell WR2 Campbell Pascal Shenault Hill TE Hooper Doyle Ali-Cox Hooper Doyle Ali-Cox LT Castonzo Clark Castonzo Clark LG Nelson Donnall Nelson Lemieux C Kelly Kelly RG Glowinski Haeg Glowinski Haeg RT Smith Adams Smith Adams DE Clowney Turay Clowney Turay NT Reader Stewart Reader Stewart DT Gallimore Autry Kinlaw Gallimore Autry DE Houston Green Houston Green LB Leonard Speed Leonard Speed LB Walker Okereke Walker Okereke LB Adams Franklin Adams Franklin CB Okudah Ya-Sin Desir Wilson Slot Moore Tell Moore FS Hooker Odum Hooker Odum SS Willis Geathers Willis Geathers CB Desir Wilson Ya-Sin Tell LS Rhodes Rhodes P Rigo Rigo K UDFA UDFA
  5. very good news for us. called this a month or so ago only 3 mil off
  6. Cap Space according to spotrac: 86M Resign: Anthony Castonzo - 2 years/ 30M Clayton Geathers 1 year / 3M Joe Haeg - 3 years/ 6M La'Raven Clark - 1year/ 2M Cap Space: 64M Free Agents: Jadaveon Clowney - 4 years/ 80M DJ Reader 4 years/ 50M Kendrick Bourne - 1year/ 3M Jacob Hollister - 2 years/ 8M Cap Space: 24.5M On The Clock Mock Draft: This is how the Board fell R1P13 - Javon Kinlaw R2P2 - Jordon Love R2P12 - Isaiah Wilson R3P11 - Jalen Reagor R4P16 - Antonio Gandy-Golden R5P14 - AJ Green R6P14 - Kendall Coleman R6P32 - Dalton Keene R7P13 - A Kicker Colts 2 Deep QB - Brissett, Love RB - Mack, Hines WR1 - Hilton, Bourne WR2 - Reagor, Gandy-Golden TE1 - Doyle, Ali-Cox TE2 - Holister, Keene LT - Castonzo, Wilson LG - Nelson, Eldenkamp C - Kelly, Patterson RG - Glowinski, Haeg RT - Smith, Clark DE - Clowney, Turay DT - Kinlaw, Autry DT - Reader, Hunt DE - Houston, Banagu/Muhammed LB - Leonard, Speed LB - Walker , Okereke LB - Adams, Franklin CB - Desir, Wilson CB - Moore, Green S - Hooker, Odum S - Willis, Geathers CB - Ya-Sin, Tell K - 7th Round Pick with massive watermelons P - Sanchez
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